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Join our affiliate program with instant approval and earn 10% to 25% referral fees for poker and fantasy sports. You can register to our affiliate program today and start earning today.
Join our affiliate program for poker and fantasy sports gaming.
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We offer your referrals 0.0015 BTC when they register via your referral link. There is no requirement on your users to deposit and they will still get the free no deposit on register. You can refer users to Real Poker or Real Fantasy Sports and your users can play Bitcoin with no commitment needed. Every user is given free bitcoin in their no deposit wallet, and a real bitcoin wallet where they can deposit funds to, which you then take a fee based on the program you referred too.
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Start earning money with our affiliate program today.
We provide free sign up chips for poker and fantasy sports affiliate programs to help you upsell to your affiliate referrals.
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Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Poker Affiliate Program

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Program

We provide payment for qualified users who provide value to the network and engage with the platform by depositing.

We provide a revenue share on the rake in which a user pays to you for both products that we provide in our affiliate program

CommissionActive UsersCommissionActive Users
25%1-5010%$0 - $2,500
27.5%50-20011% 12.5%$2,501 - $10,000

* Commission is determined by your referrals weekly activity. Users will be paid out according to the territory they exist in, the default payment method is Bitcoin.

* A single user maximum referral is topped at $1,250 per week

Earn commission daily from your affiliate network.
Affiliate earnings are credited instantly to a users account and cleared in 30 days if payment is made on credit/debit card.
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Poker Affiliate Programs
Poker Affiliate Program

Many online websites are doing a lot of good in the field of poker affiliate programs. To be realistic, first of all there are very few websites that offer safe online game play opportunities. Second there are even lesser companies out of these, which offer poker affiliate program. Mind you, there are not insufficient places on the internet where you can find poker affiliate programs. But, what we are emphasizing here are the “safe” such opportunities. And those are definitely very few. Let us try to understand what is meant by poker affiliate programs, how these poker affiliate programs started and how does the entire process takes place.

Poker Affiliate Program: What is it

Poker affiliate programs come in various shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, the intent of all such programs remains the same. That is, to attract a chain of users to your own website by offering the existent client base some reward programs in a unique manner. Thus the present users feel motivated to invite their own friends and contacts too, to your website.

Also, it would feel new and appealing. This is a form of subtle and indirect marketing but a very powerful tool to gather new followers to your website because it leaves a positive impact on not only the minds of the existent client base, but also the new joiners as they are incentivized too, to further attract more people. Kind of making the ball go bigger and bigger as it rolls down creating an avalanche effect, the exception that there is no end to it in case of Poker affiliate programs.

There are many online gaming websites that offer poker game plays. The success and expeditious fleet of some of these poker websites can be credited to their team of professionals. Such websites, not only work towards making the game play more enjoyable but also towards making the website navigation experience easier and safer. To further accentuate this, these websites have got all kinds of add-ons like freeroll contests and affiliate programs etc. And from there it stems, poker affiliate programs.

Poker Affiliate Programs : The Most Common Process

In this section we try to cover how do Poker affiliate programs actually work and how does the entire process take place. The endeavor is pretty much simple. You can make yourself entitled to a lifetime of earnings, without any huge additional efforts at all. Just copy the unique link given on such websites in the “Affiliate Program” section (or by whatever related name this is mentioned there), share it across a known circle, and persuade them to input this link when they join the base website from where you picked up the link for the poker affiliate program.

If they use this to signup, the base website would automatically store this information and qualify you to share some percentage of their rake whenever they earn something on this portal via a game of online Poker.

Bitcoin Affiliate Program
Fantasy Cricket Affiliate Program

There is an abundance of websites which offer fantasy cricket affiliate programs. However, whatsoever you choose to work with or associate with, will make a huge impact on your earnings. Also you must always be cautioned that although this niche of fantasy cricket is growing by leaps and bounds, the same is happening to the chance of a fraudulent mishap that you might encounter. One has to be very aware and very much in control while going on for any virtual or fantasy cricket game and the associated fantasy cricket affiliate program.

Fantasy Cricket Affiliate: How does it Work

Although there are many different fantasy cricket affiliate programs available, we are obviously here to focus only on the one that is offered by Real Fantasy Sports. We do so exclusively for this particular website here, because each web portal for fantasy cricket affiliate program is unique and quite different from its counterparts. So describing all of them in a single go would lead to nothing but unnecessary confusion. Further, Real Fantasy Sports is becoming a top name in the category of fantasy cricket affiliate programs. It is more of a refer and earn program designed in a very basic and very simple to use manner. Just follow the steps below to benefit from this outstanding program at for fantasy cricket affiliates.

1. Sign up for a new account at Real Fantasy Sports

2. Login to your account and on the corner of the screen, you will find a link to the menu bar, presented as three horizontal lines.

3. Click on it and scroll down to find the link for “Affiliate Program”.

4. Click on this link to “Affiliate Program” and you shall be directed to a page that displays your current earnings and referral balance, if any, that you have earned so far.

5. You can copy the referral link from there and share it with friends and contacts on social media.

6. If they input this code while they sign up on Real Fantasy Sports for a game of virtual cricket or fantasy cricket, you shall be entitled to a 10% of their rake, as soon as they start earning.

Fantasy Cricket Affiliate: Another Mechanism

Real Fantasy Sports has taken their fantasy cricket affiliate program to a higher level for entrepreneurs and business users too. Affiliate marketing on the net has become a source of livelihood for many. As such, they do nothing but create and promote portals by embedding a lot of affiliate links to such portals on their own websites. In return, these portals pay them the affiliate rewards.

So if you scroll further down on the “Affiliate Program” page on Real Fantasy Sports, you shall find several advertisements pertaining to multiple genres, which you can embed into your own website. Whenever some user clicks on these on your website and gets redirected these destinations, you make a profit.

Also note that Real Fantasy Sports is continuously expanding and enlarging their cricket affiliate program. So if you are someone who is looking to make a livelihood out of the same, then do check their “Affiliate Program” link from time to time to know about the latest add-ons.

Affiliate Register
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Affiliate Program Sign-up

Earn money today with our affiliate program for fantasy sports and poker.

So as to become a fantasy football affiliate in 5 minutes, you just need to do the bare minimum. Sign up on Real Fantasy Sports. Now login and navigate to the “Affiliate Program” page. Copy the unique link and start sharing it across all your known pages and friends. You can send it via email lists, via Facebook followers, via Twitter contacts, via Instagram followers, via LinkedIn pages; absolutely any and all the resources that you have. Some receivers would ignore, but a percentage out of it would like to check out what you have shared.

Finally the number of landers who get converted into final sales, that is, start playing the game, shall count for your future earnings as a fantasy football affiliate. You will get a whopping 10% of their rake as a share for your efforts as a fantasy football affiliate! Initially it might seem small, but as you make more and more joiners, profits would start adding up to big sums of money.

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Affiliate marketing program for Poker and Fantasy Sports
Earning referral fees from poker rakes and fantasy fee contest entry ranging from 10% to 25% of the fee.
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Affiliate Earnings
Affiliate Program

With the global population rising without any check and unemployment becoming an issue everywhere, people are resorting to non-traditional means of making a livelihood. “Self-employed” is becoming more popular, that too in some unconventional ways. Online employment or online workforce is the buzzword today. Affiliate programs fall much in place to complete this jigsaw of unconventional online self employment. Over here, we discuss affiliate programs with respect to fantasy sports, but please be reminded that these can be applied to other fields as well.

What is Affiliate Programs for Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a branch of online gaming where game players are linked to real life players and form teams based on their liking for particular players. Then as these real players perform in real matches, so do the game players and wins and losses are decided accordingly. Affiliate programs for Fantasy sports ensure some people to work as affiliates to drive traffic to these web portals that offer fantasy gaming opportunities. Affiliates can be normal people like any Tom, Dick or Harry, or can be business houses that work exclusively as affiliates for many portals at a single time. The more traffic that these affiliates are able to drive to the gaming website, the more they earn.

Tips for Finding the Best Portals for Affiliate Programs

The most important thing to consider while becoming an affiliate is to find the best portal for affiliate programs. Choosing the right and the best portal can ease out the money making process.

First and foremost is chose a place that is fair and consistent. You will not want yourself to be referring a fantasy sports portal to 50 friends, and then discovering that the website which promised you affiliate rewards was a total fraud. Your friends have joined and are making money, but the portal has stepped back on paying you your share. Neither would you want that after you made so much effort to refer, they just closed down. You not only wasted your efforts, but you are being laughed at by your peer group to have refereed something completely useless. This would also lower their chances of following your future referrals. Not at all good from a business point of view.

With that in mind, you really do need to choose a fantasy gaming website that offers simple affiliate programs without a lot of terms and conditions. Usually we find that elaborate terms and conditions are just loopholes for refusing out money later on, on one ground or the other. So go for a transparent and simple hassle-free process.

Last, but not least, quality is the most important. You might be able to drive traffic to the website, but if upon landing, a player feels all confused and jarred by the look of the website, or if he is not able to make sense of the website, or if there are too few matches going on at some time, your efforts would go waste as the lead would drift away without getting converted into sales.

It is for all of these reasons that we believe Real Fantasy Sports is the right affiliate program for you, as we are safe, we are trusted, and we offer you some of the best affiliate programs in the Fantasy Sports business. Sign up to Real Fantasy Sports today and start making use of the different affiliate programs we have on offer for you.

Poker Affiliate
Poker Affiliate

If you are working as a poker affiliate, or working with poker affiliates to generate traffic to your website, you are already in sync with the latest digital marketing techniques of driving traffic to and fro in this decade (for some select genres). But I’m sure many of us are still new to this concept. This article summarizes all the basic ideas and tips behind poker affiliate programs. How do these work and who can use such platforms etc. Read below carefully to develop a sound understanding of Poker Affiliate concepts.

Who is a Poker Affiliate

A poker affiliate is a person or a website (that is a business), who refers new people to the poker website, in lieu of some type of reward from the website to where the traffic is being sent by this poker affiliate. Now this affiliate can be on any type of website. Like any virtual sport website or some other poker website itself. However, the traffic movement, from where it is gathered to where it is sent is usually restricted to the same niche, like for poker affiliates, the niche could be online gaming like virtual sports, online casinos etc. This is because it is fruitful to direct only relevant traffic. If we send someone looking for some forensic fingerprinting software to the poker website, the chances of him getting converted into a poker player are grim. But if we send someone already into fantasy football to the poker website, the chances of him/her trying out poker too, are huge. And that is what calls for target achieved from the poker affiliate’s point of view.

Should You Become a Poker Affiliate

Now that we know who is a poker affiliate, the next question is who should become one. Some people like to use the net only to play games. Some advance it an additional step by trying to earn too, while they play. Poker Affiliate might not be the right choice if you are a one-timer or not a regular player. But if you are consistent and hard working, you can build a complete platform for yourself where earnings start pouring automatically, once you are through the initial phase of developing your network. So the two things that you need to become a pro Poker affiliate are: a large online network of friends and acquaintances, and a good knowledge of various poker and other gambling and gaming websites. If you are equipped with these two, there would be no looking back.

How to Become a Poker Affiliate

Once you know who is a poker affiliate and should you become a poker affiliate, it’s now time for the final action, how to become a poker affiliate. Just sign up on a few poker websites and pick up their affiliate pages. Gather affiliate links or codes and spread these everywhere that you can to drive traffic to the base websites. Once confident on this, the next step is to build your own web portal which would be like a classifieds for ads and links to various poker play websites and start promoting it heavily.

Earn affiliate fees in Bitcoin or Fiat Currency
When joining our affiliate program you can earn in fiat currency or regular fiat currency
Affiliate Earnings
Affiliate Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Soccer Affiliate

Like the fantasy cricket affiliate programs being on a rise these days, fantasy soccer affiliate is not behind. It too is following in the same footsteps and companies are coming up with innovative and diverse ideas on how to promote their exclusive fantasy soccer affiliate programs. Real Fantasy Sports, that is tiptop name in the category of virtual online gaming for adults, has built up some really cool fantasy soccer affiliate programs. It has got fantasy soccer affiliate programs for both single stand alone users and for big business users specific to each party’s own needs.

Fantasy Soccer Affiliate-Stakeholders

Whenever we talk of fantasy soccer affiliate programs, we see that the practice is on a brisk rise. Why is it so? The reason is that with the surmounting popularity of virtual gaming and fantasy gaming, it has become easier to spread further awareness to the ones who are less aware about this niche. There is a greater likeliness that such people would like to give it a try too and in the process they become affiliates. Which leads to nothing but more and more fantasy soccer affiliates in the long run. The already enrolled players like to promote via affiliate programs because that gives them the license to earn for a lifetime without doing anything at all. The new joiners like to join via affiliate programs because they are incentivized to in some manner or the other by the host company. Usually they are offered discounts or free play trials. The business users like to go in for fantasy soccer affiliate programs because that is how their entire workflow functions. And last but not the least; you might be wondering why companies offer it in the first place. The simple reason is companies benefit out of it too. This is a form of a marketing tactic, a very low investment marketing technique. Companies get an increased rise in the footfall into their website or gaming portal with fantasy soccer affiliate programs, as compared to the number of visitors they would have without such means in place. So obviously, it is beyond doubt that fantasy soccer affiliate programs prove useful for all the stakeholders involved, that is, the existing user, the new user and the base company.

Steps to Become a Fantasy Soccer Affiliate

Becoming a fantasy soccer affiliate is not some rocket science. Neither does it require any advanced skills or expertise. You must carry some basic knowledge of the internet and know how to play online games. As simple as that. And actually this sounds fun. Isn’t it! For example, at Real Fantasy Sports, you first create an account via the sign up link. Now you login to our account and go to the “Affiliate Program” page by clicking first on the extreme left menu of the dashboard and then on the particular page link. Over here, you copy your unique URL for the referral or fantasy soccer affiliate program and start sharing it wherever you can. Now you are ready to earn as soon as your invites sign up and earn something.

Affiliate Program Photo Trove
Fantasy Football Affiliate

If you are looking for affiliate programs in fantasy sports, then fantasy football and fantasy cricket are perhaps the two sports where you can get the maximum number of results over a simple Google search. Today we take up only fantasy football affiliate; as to what is a fantasy football affiliate, what are the best websites for the same and how to become a fantasy football associate quickly. There are thousands of articles on the net which can guide you on this, but this one is focused on being a very quick and very to the point guide for beginners to virtual sports fantasy football affiliate programs.

What Is a Fantasy Football Affiliate

The idea of a fantasy football affiliate stems up from the word “affiliate” which means to branch from or to associate with someone or something. As a fantasy football affiliate, you associate with one or more fantasy football websites like Real Fantasy Sports and then you branch out for more fantasy football players on other websites too. This process of building more players for fantasy football games, in the form of sub users, is known as becoming a fantasy football affiliate for the host player. So the idea is a user who is already on some fantasy football website invites his contacts to join this website and in return he or she is offered some lucrative incentives from the joiner’s earnings. A new member joins this way because he or she gets some rebates or incentives too.

What Are the Best Websites for Becoming a Fantasy Football Affiliate

When one is to choose a website to begin a career as a fantasy football affiliate, one must look for a few things like the one mentioned below and judge them from one’s own perspective.

● Safety
● Security
● Privacy
● Transparency
● Number of existent user base
● Reputation of the website
● Ease of using the website
● Unwanted advertisements

Earning money with affiliate programs in sports
Earn money via our state-of-the-art affiliate program instantly. Watch your affiliate earnings grow in real-time.
Affiliate Earnings
Refer and Earn Affiliate
Refer and Earn

Okay! So it first was online gaming where it all took off from. Slowly it went onto online betting, then it was online virtual sports, then it was online fantasy sports and then finally refer and earn programs. Refer and Earn programs for online fantasy sports have come a long way. But worth noting is the fact that they traversed this long journey quite quickly, taking not more than just a couple of years. Refer and earn programs are being used every day by online gaming enthusiasts to make profits out of online game plays. Virtual sports and fantasy sports are the two main areas where these refer and earn programs are the most common, although these can be observed on other occasions too. So let us talk about refer and earn exclusive to virtual sports in this section.

Refer and Earn as a Fantasy Sports Affiliate

Refer and earn is the most common as a fantasy sports affiliate. Be it virtual football or fantasy cricket, be it fantasy soccer or virtual cricket, or any other sport combination for that matter, refer and earn is pretty quick and simple. Let us take an example of Real Fantasy Sports for fantasy cricket here. I am taking this example because it is one of the most sought after names now-a-days for refer and earn as a fantasy sports affiliate programs.

1. Sign up on Real Fantasy Sports.

2. Login to Real Fantasy Sports.

3. Move to the “Affiliate Programs” page.

4. Copy the URL for your affiliate link for refer and earn.

5. Email the link to your relevant mailing list and also share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Request people to fill in this link in the promo code section when they sign up on Real Fantasy Sports.

7. Once they do this and play some games and earn some profits, you get a generous 10% out of their profits.

8. You will be paid each midnight by Real Fantasy Sports whenever credit is due.

9. You can withdraw this money to your bank account with no minimum cap onto withdrawal limit.

So we see that refer and earn is like earning some simple money and some quick money without making a lot of additional effort. If you like some fantasy sport website, you are most likely going to be talking about it in your peer group. So why not do this talk with a specific URL that can help you make some money. Simpler than it feels when you actually do this. And there is no need to actually play the game. You can just sign up and start sharing your link. You make money while others play the game.

How Much Can You Make With Refer and Earn

There is a myth associated that refer and earn is all luck. If you are a lucky duck, you might make up some money else you might not. However, the reality is a bit different. Everyone can earn without bringing in luck from this refer and earn thing. It’s just that one must make a continuous never ending effort on referring more and more people. Also, referring relevant people would brighten up the scenario even more.

Fantasy Sports Affiliate
Fantasy Sports Affiliate

If you are in the gambling or online sports domain you would already be aware of this fact. And for those who are not, let me point out this fact! Believe it or not, the fantasy sports market has rapidly transformed itself from something what we could call barely there, to something that is now monstrous and magnanimous. The way this niche has blossomed in the past few years is exemplary. And as happens with everything so alluring and trending, affiliates have been set up in this niche too. Fantasy sports affiliate programs are a very in thing today. Most of the people who take up fantasy sports, either for leisure or for money-making, end up as fantasy sports affiliates as the endeavor is simple and rewarding.

How to Prepare for a Fantasy Sports Affiliate

In-order to become a fantasy sports affiliate, you must first understand that this niche is tremendously competitive. So before you jump in, play a few games on your own on the websites of your choice, which you would like to choose as your fantasy sports affiliate hosts. Like Real Fantasy Sports could be a choice. Now once you have a full hands on feel, on the portal and about fantasy sports as a niche, you are ready to hit as a fantasy sports affiliate.

How to Become a Fantasy Sports Affiliate

The next step is you actually becoming a fantasy sports affiliate. You already have a login and account at the website you wish to use. Just login once again and this time you navigate and reach their affiliate program page. Note that each portal would have their own terms and conditions page, so go through that thoroughly. Once you are done with that, complete the formalities that are to be done to become an affiliate. Most websites would offer you two things.

One would be a code or link that would be unique to your id. You can share this across your known social media profiles and convince them to join the game with inputting this code.

Second would be advertisements with embedded code, that too mostly unique, that you can embed in your own portal and gear traffic from your own website to the destination page. Much like Google’s pay per click campaigns. In both cases, you shall be rewarded in some way via the host website. Sometimes it is a direct bank transfer while sometimes it is an earn and refer kind of scheme. The purpose remains consistent: the more you convert, the more you earn.

How to Choose a Portal for a Fantasy Sports Affiliate Program

So how would you know what is the best portal to pick up when trying to become a fantasy sports affiliate? Or why do we mention Real Fantasy Sports to be one of the best? It is always some underlying factors that you must consider. Look for the best tips here at affiliate program.

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