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A professional poker player
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A professional poker player

Date Published: 6th April 2020
Author: Anson Cole
To many, when asked, a true professional poker player is anyone fully dependent on poker as their source of income. That’s not quite it, a professional poker play is more of an individual’s mindset than the money they make. Not to misinform you, a poker player looks forward to a couple of wins after an enjoyable game of cards too. But, that’s not what defines them, a professional poker player has his/her mind prepared for both loses and wins, they too focus on the additional skills they will add while playing any game. To a professional poker player, a present game is a big influencing factor in how they will play the next coming games. It’s up to a professional player to carry on all the positives about the game and leave behind all the negatives.

Playing poker professionally requires a certain level of skill, to poker players, mastering poker is a lifetime thing, as for continuous learning they never abandon. It’s mostly not a game of chance and luck to them, although, luck might occasionally be a major contributing factor in the number of wins a player takes home. In reality, skill is the real deal when it comes to playing poker professionally, professional poker players can;

Playing poker professionally requires a certain

1. Deal with failure

A professional player doesn’t let short-term failures dictate the outcomes of his /her game at the next sitting. To them, a professional player is defined by their ability to overcome weaknesses, fear, and self-doubt. Losses can bring a beginner player down, but not them, they embrace the failures and all negativity that surround them converting it into a drive none can stop. They look forward to upcoming games, even better, they want to play the same game that made them losers the last time, insanely with the same opponents. Their spirit is so strong that no negative exterior energy can bring them down, they will always look up towards any upcoming tournament no matter what their recent experience was.

A professional player doesn’t let short-term

2. Play in the same manner no matter the stake

A professional players’ stake is a non-issue when it comes to the way they play. No matter how low or high the stakes are, a professional player will always stay alert at all times. In every sitting, a professional player has his judging skills clear in thought, hasty decisions are never their thing. With different stakes attracting different levels of players, both beginners, and pro, professional players never underestimate their opponents, always playing at their best level there can be. With their skills and craft, professional players play with anyone in the same manner without considering their level of expertise.

A professional players’ stake is a

3. Stay disciplined

To become a professional poker player, discipline is a must-have, they can never play past their limits. Professionals know the way they behave, either physically or emotionally affect their outcomes directly; it’s upon them to take this to their advantage, making their outcomes as positive as possible. A professional poker player learns to accept defeat, you will never encounter a professional player raise the stakes just trying to recover previous losses. This technique is mostly present around tables surrounded by beginner players, a professional never let emotions take the better part of him/her. Calm is a necessity in every sitting, professionals master this art, staying disciplined throughout the entire game, they respect the game as well as their opponents.

Final thoughts

A professional player sits down for a poker game, with their goals set. May it be doubling the amount they came in with or even making half of what they came in with. That’s not the most important thing, professional poker players try as much as possible to keep all the money they initially had. For most professional players, profits and wins are a bonus to a skilful play, the important thing is keeping all the money they had. Like in any other profession, all professional poker players keep raising their level of skill gradually, either by studying the game or even taking up research on the same. All in all, they just want to avoid losing as much as they can while simultaneously maintaining a positive win rate. Professional poker players are naturally die-hards, an extra aspect that is inborn and never taught, whether losing or winning, their urge to play lives on.

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