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Beginner strategies for Bitcoin poker
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Beginner strategies for Bitcoin poker

Date Published: 25th March 2020
Author: Kelvin Sherwood
Sometimes poker can be assumed to be a game of luck and this means that there is a possibility to win even if you are not a good player. With simple understanding of the game, it is possible to win many games than you usually lose, only provided you play against players that are incompetent. However, if you are aspiring to become one of the best poker players then you need to learn strategies involved in poker game.

What is poker strategy? Poker is straightforward game in that you beat your opponent by either having better hand than them or forcing them to fold their hand throughout your betting. What makes poker to be complex is that it is a game of complete information. This means that, every time you make a move then you will have to make decision based on certain things that you really do not know.

Most of the time you do not know what your opponent is thinking or how they will respond to the moves you have made. You therefore base your judgments on information that is not available to you and this where strategy comes into play.

Most of the time you do

Poker strategy is a complex subject in that even if you could see your opponent cards, there is no single 'correct' way to act. Factors such as how your opponent is going to act are to be considered. There are many levels and elements to guide poker and therefore, you have to understand them all to be a successful poker player who can make good decision constantly.

The first basic strategy of becoming a successful poker player for all beginners is learning general rules which could be easy but spent more time understanding what poker hand rankings is.

Observation is another strategy that should be employed because gives you the information you need to make 'correct' decision. Watching your opponent closely what he is doing in particular hand makes it easier to figure out what cards they might have and know what actions you should take. Observing opponents acts over time gives some insight into their general playing style and will work to your advantage.

Observation is another strategy that should

Memory is also another important poker strategy because observing skills are only important to you, if you can recall what you have observed. It is important to remember if there is particular way your opponent bets if he has a very strong hand. Additionally, you should be able to recall if there is a specific 'tells' that gives the fact that opponent is bluffing.

Another strategy you can use when playing poker is mathematics and this is not to say you have to be excellent in mathematics to be successful poker player. Math helps to make quick calculation when you might be under pressure and many of the decision you have to make will involve mathematical calculation. For example, if you are on flush draw, you can use math to work out your chances of hitting flush. Alternatively, mathematical calculation can help calculate how much you should bet in certain situations or whether the money in the pot enough to make a call worthwhile.

Finally, psychology is another key strategy. This does not mean to go to study psychology but in simple way you can study your opponent. You need to get inside the mind of the opponent and get insight of what the opponent is thinking and why they are acting the way they are. It is also important to make it difficult for the opponent to know what you could be thinking and know your next move.

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