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Bitcoin Poker: The Future of Online Poker
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Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker: The Future of Online Poker

Date Published: 8th February 2019
The online poker industry was among the first sectors of the economy to leverage the benefits of Bitcoin. From as early back as 2012, the number of online Bitcoin poker sites and users has been steadily increasing, signalling a rise in demand. Indeed, statistics show that during the period between 2014 and 2017, approximately $4.5 billion worth of Bitcoins were wagered across various online casinos. Furthermore, recent estimates indicate that 60% of all cryptocurrency transactions are associated with betting, casino and poker sites.

future bitcoin-poker

Why Bitcoin is the Future of Online Poker
Notably, the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. If anything, the rising popularity is a clear indication that Bitcoin is the future of online poker. There are a number of fundamental factors contributing to the popularity of Bitcoin in online poker. These include:

1. Lower Fees
Outrageous fees are among the key points of frustration for poker players who rely on traditional financial systems for payments processing. However, sites that use cryptocurrencies charge minimal fees or none at all.

2. Pseudo-anonymity
Online poker players who use crypto do not have to reveal any personal information since no identification details are required for cash deposits or withdrawals.

3. Fast Transaction Processing
Making deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin takes a considerably shorter time than the use of fiat currencies. Consequently, players do not have to wait for days on end to get their winnings.

4. Circumventing Regulatory Challenges
In some countries, strict policies limit players' access to online poker. In such cases, the use of digital currencies allows for participation thanks to their decentralization and anonymity.

bitcoin online-poker-future

Bitcoin and Online Poker - A Match Made in Heaven
Considering these and many other benefits associated with Bitcoin poker, it is evident that the trend is here to stay. According to the indicators, the use of digital currencies in the sector will keep on gaining traction as cryptocurrencies get wider adoption. If the past is anything to go by, there will come a time when Bitcoin will become the standard currency for playing online poker.

Recent Bitcoin Poker Game Reports

Malta Cryptocurrency Poker
22nd January 2019 12:59
Online poker match report for Malta from Tuesday which saw konradcampos win the prize pot of 10,000.00 rupees on a 10 table just for Malta.
Sao Paulo Poker 10 Player
17th January 2019 10:02
Poker report on the match up from Thursday between xberryxx, laura.ramos, ginocasino1, shazy, ahmad, billiebips, deweymcdonk, atif, suzym40, carola1961, for the prize pot of 500 rupees.
Mexico BTC Poker from 28th February
28th February 2019 03:47
Report on the sit and go table for Mexico from Thursday 28th February which saw chicoguey take the prize of 250.00 rupees on this 10 table.
Malta Ethereum Poker 10 Player
24th January 2019 04:00
Report on the sit and go table this past Thursday 24th January which saw $fax-it$47 take the pot of 5,000.00 rupees on this 10 table.
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