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Can I be better at Bitcoin poker with more sleep?
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Can I be better at Bitcoin poker with more sleep?

Date Published: 22nd January 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon

Many players are up late at night playing bitcoin poker til the wee hours of the morning, we can’t deny it. It is very busy in the online poker rooms late at night, and I am sure many of us players are losing sleep over online poker. The benefits of sleep are plentiful, and generally people that sleep well are less grumpy. On top of that, sleep will make your heart healthier if you have a long night of rest. Plentiful rest is considered between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep may help prevent cancer, reduces stress, may help you lose weight, and may reduce your risk of depression. Sleep also poses several benefits to your mind. Sleep boosts your mental health, and physically clears your mind. Yes, sleep can help you be better at bitcoin poker, amidst a whole bunch of things you’ll be better at with more sleep, but also understand there is a difference between amount of sleep and sleep quality. 

Poker Sleep

Sleep Quality 

Sleep quality is what you want to monitor when assessing your sleep, for better productivity during the day. This includes better productivity and success in bitcoin poker. Sleeping for 12 hours straight isn’t necessarily going to equate to a healthier or more profitable life. Whether you sleep early or late, and rise at 7AM or 11AM, it doesn’t matter as long as the sleep quality is good. Unlike sleep quantity, sleep quality refers to how well you sleep.

The best quality of sleep can be measured over a number of parameters. Your bedroom temperature, what time you eat in the evening before going to bed, whether you are relaxing in the shower before sleeping, and more can affect your sleep quality. Many doctors even warn to do things like exercise regularly, but not before bed! Don’t drink any liquid before bed. 

Sleep Poker

Don’t expect to sleep for 9 hours and go straight into a dominating performance in bitcoin poker online. Prepare for your games, play quality strategic poker, and get proper sleep. Maybe not necessarily more sleep, but more quality sleep, and you can expect to play better bitcoin poker.

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