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Can you get rusty if you take time out from playing Bitcoin poker?
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Can you get rusty if you take time out from playing Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 21st February 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy

Ring Rust in Poker

Ring rust is normal with any sport. Whether you are a boxer that hasn’t been in the ring for a few years, or a poker player that hasn’t had a chance to play in quite some time, if you take time out from playing you can get rusty. In Bitcoin poker, this can be true in a variety of situations as well. Perhaps you are a cash game player, and lack practice in Bitcoin poker multi table tournaments but you have a tournament coming up? You may expect to get rusty at playing Bitcoin poker tournaments. Poker tourneys are played very differently than cash games, with a “survival first” mindset in the early rounds, so even an alleged poker pro can be beaten in a poker tourney if unprepared and playing rusty.

Poker Rust

Shaking Off the Rust

Some players worry about keeping up with the latest strategies in poker online but nothing beats strong fundamental gameplay. Such that you are able to play the game by the book you can expect to win. The trick is to remember how to stay in your element and do not let the tricks of others or distractions get to you. Online poker sees thousands of players online competing with you in Bitcoin poker games.

Because of the numbers and size of the Bitcoin poker community online, fundamental poker is always the best option. Regular practice lets you practice certain habits that are good, and preventive so that you do not become tilted or distracted. Ring rust might prevent you from remembering which habits help you stay focused and avoid distractions. Remember to follow your game plan and limit distractions when playing Bitcoin poker online.

Rusty Poker

Other Causes of Rusty Gameplay

Playing from position correctly, with different ranges is difficult and something that may require practice. Reading opponents in online gameplay can also be very difficult to do. Practice and regular online poker play will get you used to seeing different looks and playing against different types of online players. A word of advice for Bitcoin poker players that are only recently getting back to the game, play risk-free freeroll games to get rid of the rust and play better poker.

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