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Chip conversion changes to match Bitcoin price movement
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Chip conversion changes to match Bitcoin price movement

Date Published: 13th May 2019
Anyone who knows anything about Bitcoin will realise that there is always a constant change in the Bitcoin price, which means that other things are going to need to change with it, including the chip conversion we offer on our site. From time to time, we at Real Poker Worldwide will evaluate the Bitcoin price and the Bitcoin market and decide to adjust our chip conversion rate and our promotions in accordance with the actions needed to maintain profitability with the rakes.

bitcoin chip-price

If you have been following the price of Bitcoin recently, you will have noticed that the price has been steadily growing and growing, with the Bitcoin value currently over $7,000USD (at the time of writing) and not showing any sign of slowing down any time soon. With that in mind, we have had to make some changes to our chip conversion rate, in order to keep inline with the Bitcoin price movement, so that we keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

200 Satoshi is now worth 1 chip, click here to learn more about chip conversions on real poker

Since the price of Bitcoin has risen so high, we have now had to change our No Deposit sign up bonus to 0.0005 Bitcoin upon signing up with us. You can still use this to play with us without having to deposit any money and you can still withdraw it once you pass level 20. Inline with this change in sign up bonus, we have also changed our chip conversion to 200 satoshi per 1 chip so that you are still getting a fair amount of chips for your Bitcoin.

What does this mean?

This means that any existing players, you will see you have 3/5 more chips, and this is because now the value of the rooms have restored to the traditional values, this is subject to change if the price moves in a direction, but does not impact your current bitcoin wallet holdings.

As a temporary measure this will mean all users bonus levels will jump upwards, but this will settle back down once we have confirmed the change over.

bitcoin chip-value

What to remember about holding a Real Poker account?

Some key points you should always remember is that regarding duplicate accounts and chip dumping, while we give away free BTC, we are very protective that it is used in the right manner and employ a team to make sure of that fact, please read our articles on chip dumping and multiple accounts.

As the bitcoin price moves, so does are chip conversion value and our introductory offers ...

As we mentioned, these changes occur from time to time due to the changes in the value of Bitcoin and, since Bitcoin continues to change constantly, we will come back to reevaluate our conversions again at a later date. If the price of Bitcoin drops again, we will return to change things accordingly, while if the price of Bitcoin rises again then we will also change things accordingly.

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