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Coolidge and the dogs playing poker painting
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Coolidge and the dogs playing poker painting

Date Published: 4th June 2020
Author: James Shelton
The Dogs playing poker was made by an American artist named Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. This artist emerged from the 19th century in the early times of artistic painting and expression. Coolidge was born on September 18th, 1844, and lived for a life period of 89 years. He kick start(since he started his artwork, his outstanding paintings have put him in a class of his own) his career at an early age within his twenties and has since then made several remarkable paintings. One of the works that cemented his name in the book of history was his groundbreaking paintings of Dogs Playing Poker which has since then put him in a class of his own.

Some of the jobs he did in his early career was creating cartoons for newspaper firms. While he was working for those firms, his creative abilities enabled him to earn credits for the great comics he created. He had a knack for creating fantastic playful images in his work of art. In 1903, he started working with a publishing firm Brown & Bigelow where he worked for an extensive period of ten years and did several series of oil paintings. Some of the oil paintings he did were the anthropomorphic paintings were dogs were playing poker games and other collections of artwork.


The Dogs playing poker, is a painting done by the same intelligent painter to advertise the cigarette brand. It is a series of sixteen oil paintings commissioned by Brown and Bigelow, the advertising firm he worked for in 1903 to advertise cigars. During this period, he did some other incredible piece of artwork like the bold bluff, poker sympathy, and pinched with four aces. The artworks were later produced on the calendars, posters, and other items that were given to customers of the company.

Among all the paintings Coolidge did in his lifetime, the most celebrated of them all is that of dogs cheating during a poker game, "A Friend in Need". Where a friend assisted another friend who was in need bypassing the card under the table to him. The paintings by common consensus, was pretty far from great and earned him a lot of credits. He was titled the father of comics, which made him famous across America and in his neighborhood. At a point in time, William Hennessey, the director of Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia, made a press release and mentioned acquiring the Dog Painting poker piece for his museum.

Among all the paintings Coolidge did

He later debunked the statement and claimed that he was only joking but he greatly admire the piece of art. The artist was extremely lucky that his incredible pieces of art were created at a time when American businesses were beginning to invest heavily in advertising. What people liked about Coolidge "Dogs Playing Poker" was that the pictures were undeniably adorable and were not looking too serious. His paintings had a great sense of humor and were great masterpieces. During the 1970s, the demand for Dogs Playing Poker was huge and lots of pooches were produced on t-shirts, cups, etc. and was present in many houses in the country.

Another point to note in the Dogs Playing Poker series was that, not all the dogs playing fits the name. Out of the 16 pieces painted by Coolidge, only nine of them showed the dogs playing poker. Paintings of card-playing had long been identified with lies and deceit which was not an exception for Coolidge in his famous Dogs Playing Poker paintings. The famous artists were said to have drawn his inspirations from great artists like Michael Angelo, Paul Cézanne, and others who came before him. Furthermore, his wife and daughter were not very impressed by his artistic creation, Dogs Playing Poker because they detest dog and prefer cat.

Another point to note in the

Coolidge died in 1934 at the age of 89 years achieving numerous great feats during his entire time leaving. He did a lot of paintings on dogs and was not very famous during his time. Coolidge was a nobleman and was privileged to pioneer a pivotal revolution of the tradition of animal art in the wake of the 20th century. His paintings of dogs playing poker was sold between the figure of five and six digits. Within those periods, one of these categories of paintings sold for $658,000 at Sotheby's

Coolidge was indeed a legend and would forever be remembered for the dent he put on the universe. His paintings carried a great deal of details, precision, and accuracy and still engages till today.

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