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Detecting betting patterns in BTC poker
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Bitcoin Poker

Detecting betting patterns in BTC poker

Date Published: 14th May 2019
Author: Anson Cole
When taking up poker, many people have a long-term investment in mind – it’s fun, it’s profitable and it doesn’t require as much time as a regular, full-time job would, so why not? However, desire is not sufficient if you want to actually make money by playing BTC Poker, because strategy skills are mandatory in this situation.

btc poker-tells

Therefore, there are a few tips and tricks worth searching for if you want to start your poker journey right. Although you cannot be 100% sure, there are common betting patterns that you have a high chance of encountering, so it’s good to know them. One of these patterns consists of the same bet size on the turn as the flop – in a lot of cases, people who do this usually have a top pair with a weak kicker or a middle pair, so they want to commit, but not too much.

The check/call, followed by a small bet on the turn is a pattern often called a “blocking bet” on a draw – they either have a weak pair, or they’ve had the draw of the flop. There are numerous such patterns, but they each needs detailed analysis in order to fully understand and be able to recognize them during the game. You should also take into consideration that, once you start learning the rules, you also need to find a good website to play BTC Poker on.

bitcoin poker-tells

For instance, offers a 0.005 BTC No Deposit Bonus for each new registration, a 25% rakeback daily, rakes from 4.15% to 2.5% in the case of higher value poker tables, and a 25% referral fee, which means that you gain profit from inviting your friends to play as well. Such websites also have poker-related articles posted, so you can learn about the game without having to search for information too much.

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