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Date Published: 8th April 2020
Author: Anson Cole
A poker player is someone who bets on card games to win money. The society has clouded our views and in place of it has planted judgements. This begs the question: is being a poker player a decent and fair profession? When we think about poker, what comes to mind? Is it being in a flashy and classy casino in Las Vegas or the underground poker clubs? There are endless possibilities. Moreover, movies and series have greatly contributed to airing out new ideas about poker, for example, a whizkid who wins poker games based on his genius mind or mafias that run underground and unsanctioned poker clubs. However, how do we distinguish between fiction and reality?

Many of us have not quite understood the world of poker. We all have this notion that poker is bad for you and you'll spend all your money in a place like Las Vegas, but is it true? Are there possibilities of professional and decent poker players? In all honesty, over time, poker has never been and will never be a decent and fair profession. These are the reasons why:

Many of us have not quite

Poker players are prone to gambling addiction. The society hasn't accepted the impacts of gambling addiction and the said gamblers are shunned. We should instead have rehabilitation centres to help these people. Many families have lost tons of money and properties due to huge debts incurred by the gambler, not forgetting the emotional turmoil that has been imposed on the family members of the said gambler.

Skill is a necessity for every poker player. Without this, be guaranteed of hefty losses. As movies have portrayed, skills are always a huge advantage. Being able to make out the tell signs of your opponents or rather studying their facial expressions will certainly be of help to any poker player. Some use maths skills to cheat and win poker games.

Skill is a necessity for every

Every poker player must answer the question: is it worth it? There are dangerous poker club owners and mafias who heavily monitor the wins of their players. These places are very vicious not only to you as a player but also to those close to you. It is always wise to calculate the risks involved to pertain your safety.

Poker is similar to any other competition. It's all about who has the best mad skills or rather the best cheater. Poker club owners always want to show off their games. They would rather invest a lot of money in bringing in the best of the best poker players for a simple game. They aim to prove masculinity to their other male colleagues. It is always near impossible to spot a woman who has a talent for poker. In all truth, society considers poker 'a man's game' as it heavily requires mental capabilities. One can even compare it to playing a professional game of chess.

Poker is similar to any other

Poker has always been an odd game. At times you spot a player risking it all only to fall from riches to rags. In other cases, it's quite the opposite. As a player, being observant is very crucial. Being able to see people's emotions throughout the game is very enchanting. You can always see the euphoria players get when they win the game and are on cloud nine. It's like winning a million-dollar jackpot. When it comes to the extravagantly rich people, playing a game of poker isn't always about the money. It leans more on pride.

Furthermore, any poker game needs initial money. It reaches a point where a poker player is bankrupt and decides to play that one game that he/she thinks will make a turnaround in their life. But is it prudent to risk it all and leave everything to fate and chance? Many people do claim that they are lucky or have lucky charms. All these should never prevent you from seeing the truth in its totality: gambling will always need money. Any poker player must be cautious not to engage in theft and robberies to get the money they need.

In the long run, poker is never fair. Some players get more wins than others, while others lose more. Every player must question if poker can be an actual career and if not, find better careers.

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