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Flipping Coins Bitcoin Contests

Date Published: 5th February 2020
Author: James Shelton

Bitcoin is entering into everything. And you should not be surprised if we tell you that Bitcoin has also entered into flipping coin betting games. Although the entry of Bitcoin into flipping coin contests has been recent, the practice has now become very common. What we mean by flipping coins Bitcoin contests is the flipping coin game contests that are held online with Bitcoin. These can be either free flipping coin Bitcoin contests or paid flipping coin Bitcoin contests, but what is to be noted is that these use Bitcoin alone for the gambling or the betting purpose.

Flip a coin game

Things to Remember when Flipping a Coin with Bitcoin

So you know how to play flip a coin game online. You have also mastered all the variations of the game by all means. Further, you know how to enter contests in flip a coin with local currency. But do you know that you must remember some important things when going for flipping coins Bitcoin contests? Read the most important below.

1.  Choose Secure Portals: When using Bitcoin for gameplay, you will most likely import your Bitcoin from some e-wallet where you already have it stored. So you will be sharing some passwords and authenticating the gaming website to import the allowed amount. What if it imports more? What if it imports a lot more in the name of tax and surcharge? What if it dissimulates in the name of currency conversion rates? Choose secure and reputable gaming websites.

2. Malware and Bugs: Bitcoin is prone to Malware and bugs. Gambling and betting websites are prone to malware and bugs. Isn’t it good practice to go for the most secure platforms on both ends? Like at one side and kraken at the other?

3. Bitcoin or Fiat: When you play flipping coins Bitcoin contests, you obviously need Bitcoin. So do you pay a charge for converting fiat to Bitcoin, or you use the already accumulated Bitcoin tokens that you have? Do you want to again pay another charge for converting the won Bitcoin back to local fiat? Or do you want to keep it as Bitcoin itself for future contests? The decision is yours. But you will have various layers where you can save or spend a few extra pounds. Decide wisely.

4. Private Networks: Private networks must be the most preferred choices to play flipping coins Bitcoin contests. Public Wi-Fi or hotspots have a tendency to steal passwords. There are greater chances of money laundering if you enter via unsecured internet networks. So using a dedicated line only for flipping coins Bitcoin contests is worth every extra penny that you spend on procuring the network.

Flip coin online


The more the risk, the greater is the thrill. The greater the thrill, the more is the fun. So risk and fun are directly proportional, and that is why flipping coins Bitcoin contests picked up so quickly in the recent past.

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