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Get better sleep for better BTC poker results
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Get better sleep for better BTC poker results

Date Published: 15th June 2019
Poker is a highly competitive game today and there are professional players with sponsors from all over the world. There are online poker players and casino poker players everywhere. There is also a very competitive bitcoin poker community online.

If you want to become a serious poker player, some players dedicate their entire lives to playing poker. They start at a very young age and win tournaments as young prodigies, spending several years perfecting their game and studying different styles. If you also want to become a professional poker player, that will require a lot of studying and time dedicated towards the game. Every aspect of poker is analyzed intently and you become so good at the game that moves become automatic and second nature.

bitcoin poker-sleep

What it takes to go pro
Becoming a professional poker player requires lots of practice. You need to analyze different styles of playing, how other poker professional players are playing during tournaments, and many more. A lot of strategy around how to bet during poker is also required.

When you are a professional poker player, even the amount of sleep that you get will affect your game and this is something that you need to take note of. Only the most serious poker players have what it takes to become professionals.

sleep btc-poker

How sleep helps
Sleep surprisingly affects your game – it keeps your mind right and your thinking sharp. There’s nothing worse than losing a hand in online poker because you fell asleep. Having enough sleep keeps you energized the next day to do things, and for professional poker players this means more energy for their careers in poker. If your full-time effort is spent perfecting your skills at poker, sleeping well will keep you happy and in a good mood to play better poker.

Before pro poker tournaments you see on TV, the pros also balance their sleep. Some tournaments, like the World Series of Poker events, can run for several hours and that amount of poker for a player is tasking. People are more alert with enough sleep, and that means poker pros too.

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29th September 2019 08:27
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9th October 2019 04:55
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1st October 2019 06:19
Report on the sit and go table for Nigeria from Tuesday 1st October which saw 2.2.8.kira take the pot of 5,000.00 rupees on this 10 table.
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22nd September 2019 08:46
Report on the sit and go table for Chittagong from Sunday 22nd September which saw brandy71 take the prize of 2,500.00 rupees on this 10 table.
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