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Get into a good Bitcoin poker routine
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Get into a good Bitcoin poker routine

Date Published: 9th January 2020

Routines are necessary to organize our workflow and prepare our mental state. Just like in sports, many players have game related routines, and online poker players have them too. If you want to improve your bitcoin poker success you will want to have a good poker routine too. Whether you are superstitious, or just want to have good practices, develop your own unique pre-game and in-game routines and these will be helpful for making you feel comfortable, and make better decisions while playing bitcoin poker. Each player will have their own routines depending on their personality. Perhaps you want to drink coffee while you are playing bitcoin poker, or maybe you prefer to listen to music. Whatever your routines may be, here are some good poker routines we recommend to practice when playing bitcoin poker online, feel free to also add more routines to this list.

Bitcoin Poker Routine

Creating a Distraction-Free Environment

The very first thing to do when you are playing bitcoin poker is: Create a conducive environment for playing online poker. Isolate yourself from distractions and do not let external factors affect your game. It is such a waste to see poker players lose because they are affected by distractions that should’ve been eliminated beforehand. Ensure to plan ahead and create routines like a checklist to have everything ready when you are playing bitcoin poker. You should feel secure and comfortable when playing bitcoin poker so you can focus on winning.

Be sure to check on stable internet connection and other necessities in order to enjoy uninterrupted bitcoin poker. You can create a pre-game routine which includes checking your internet, using the restroom, signing out of social media, and getting comfortable with a cup of coffee, among others, to help isolate yourself from distractions before playing a bitcoin session. Focus on shutting out the noise, and create routines that you’re comfortable with so that you can maximize your bitcoin poker profits.

Bitcoin Poker Routines

Reflect and Improve

After you have a conducive poker playing environment, you can also develop routines around improving yourself in-game. Playing bitcoin poker can be competitive online, so you will want to up your poker skills. Taking notes in game, timing your opponents, and analyzing certain elements of your poker game will improve your game and your bitcoin poker win percentages.

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Get into a good Bitcoin poker routine
Routines are necessary to organize our workflow and prepare our mental state. Just like in sports, many players have game related routines, and online poker players have them too.
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