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Good books to read for learning poker.
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Good books to read for learning poker.

Date Published: 21st March 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
There are many ways for one to learn how to improve their winning results at poker, during tournaments at casinos or even when playing with friends. Watch experienced players play the game, reading poker books written by various authors or watching tutorial videos online will give you the basic and advanced knowledge and skills to play poker. Many authors write books highlighting the simplest ways on how to play this game, the best strategies to use to win matches and many other tricks to learn about this game. Some of the books are complex and hard to understand while others suit most people with a desire to learn poker.

The Theory of Poker; David Sklansky wrote and published this book in the year 1989 to explain the origins of poker and highlight the basic rules every poker player needs to know. The author of this book majorly focuses on the fundamentals of winning poker which he highlights in the simplest language. Most poker players who have mastered the basic and necessary skills for winning poker matches read this book.

Poker Books

This book outlines the basic rules of the game, it then goes ahead to explain how these rules and strategies are applied during the game to guarantee to win. Learners interested to improve their poker skill read this book and extract so much wisdom that is outlined by this incredible book. The strategies and tips are clearly explained for beginners which makes it easy to use the book.

The Mental Game of Poker, Jared Tendler wrote this book with the high stakes' poker players in mind as he tuned it to fit them in every aspect. This book lists and explains the work ethics and discipline that poker players must possess to challenge for greater prizes while playing poker. It explains clearly how one handles emotions that arise when one is playing a high stakes poker game, how to not let the emotions blind you from reaching the top and claiming the ultimate poker prize.

Learning Poker

Many players with basic poker skills read this book to enhance their skills and prepare themselves psychologically to handle high stakes poker games. It provides them with the basics of dealing with emotional torture and stress when a lot is at stake during poker matches. Most players lose games because they cannot handle the emotional pressures that come with playing matches that one can lose so much. Thus, this book is highly recommended for them to read.

Treat your poker like a business, written by Schmidt, a professional poker player that won many high stake tournaments that involved huge amounts of money. This book highlights ways in which a player can manage their poker professional careers by handling the financial, emotional and mental side of the game. This book is intended for poker players who consider the game as a professional career and to those that wish to take the path of this career.

Best Poker Books

The author expresses the importance of treating this game as if it was a business one is running to get profits at the end of the day. Businessmen cannot afford to lose money as it will lead to the collapse of their enterprises therefore, they employ all measures legal to ensure they survive. It encourages a player to take the poker game with the same mentality as a businessman and outlines the simple strategies to guide your poker career to greater heights and reaping all the benefits.

Lastly, the best book for poker learners is Crushing The Microstakes, Williams wrote this book for poker beginners to learn the basics of poker and become better players. This book highlights the basic rules for players involved in poker games with low stakes to follow to win and also improve their skills. The strategies explained by the author in this book are simple to understand and apply during play, they offer the best tricks for one to apply and win many poker matches.

This book uses simple language that makes any reader interested to read more, the strategies are listed logically to avoid ambiguity and help the learners to master the art of poker. Many online sites avail online books for learning poker, some are free while others, one has to part with a small fee to access them.

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