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Poker Bluffing
How can you tell if you are bluffing too much in Bitcoin poker?
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How can you tell if you are bluffing too much in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 14th November 2019
Author: Anson Cole
Pulling off a successful bluff is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling. It is the excitement of poker and the epitome of gambling better than the other guy to win a hand in poker that makes it so satisfying. While bluffing may be the most fun way to win in poker, it is also the riskiest way. Each bluff you make assumes risk. Bluffing too much in bitcoin poker can also be detrimental and lead to a negative poker session. Try to be aware and not let yourself bluff too much in bitcoin poker.

poker bluffing

More Fun to Play Bitcoin Poker
Bitcoin poker is the latest online craze and the new blockchain backed platform is welcoming to all types of players of all levels. The landscape for bitcoin poker players is forgiving and therefore, with the majority of opponents’ casual poker players, a more effective way to play and win in bitcoin poker is to play aggressively and therefore bluff often. Bluffing in bitcoin poker can be an efficient way to grow your bitcoin poker success but it comes with risks.

As long as the fellow players at your table are beginner or weak players, bluff away and see them fold to nearly every hand. However, against another confident player or somebody that can read through your plays, this will spell trouble to your poker strategy. Size your bets based on the pot size and don’t let other players set up a trap for you.

bluff poker

When You Should Bluff
Bitcoin poker gives players the ability to gamble with bitcoin at competitive prices, with the lowest rakes in the industry. This invites a lot of new poker players interested in the game. True to any poker strategy, play a balanced style. Bluffing too much in bitcoin poker can leave you to fall to a trap. Not bluffing enough will meanwhile also ensure that you do not maximize your profits in bitcoin poker. Seize the opportunities that present themselves to you and stay focused playing bitcoin poker online at

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