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How do casinos make money on poker
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How do casinos make money on poker

Date Published: 26th September 2019
We all know that players can make a lot of money playing poker, either in the casino, in poker tournaments like the televised ones where the professionals play, or conveniently online. Many players earn a lot of money playing poker. The casinos, however, win every hand differently in poker, as their way of making money on poker is dependent on the number of hands they deal. Here’s how the casinos make money on poker.

poker casino

Poker Rakes
In poker games where there is gambling involved, the casino takes a rake for every hand. Depending on where you are playing, casinos will take varying rakes computed as a percentage % of the pot. The bigger the pot, or the more betting that is involved in a hand, will mean a bigger rake to the casino. This happens for each hand as long as there is betting involved, and this is the only way physical casinos make money in cash games from poker.

It’s also important to note there is a max limit to the rake amount, so if there were for example an 8 player all in, the casino would still only take the max rake amount only which is usually equal to a ratio of the big blind (e.g. 5x big blind).

Casinos Need Players
With this earning model, the casino is never playing against you, the player. Instead, players are competing against themselves, and this means casinos can only earn for as long as there are players at their tables. For poker casinos, they want as many players and as many ongoing poker games as possible to earn money.

casino poker-money

Online Casinos More Profitable
Online poker sites like take a significantly lower rake than landed casinos because the overhead involved in maintaining an online casino is much lower. They also can make money from cash games in other ways, such as advertising. For this reason, online poker is much more profitable than live poker.

If you want to enjoy the lowest rakes in the industry, and also explore exciting online gambling like bitcoin poker, sign up at

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