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How do I deposit to Real Poker with Bitcoin?
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How do I deposit to Real Poker with Bitcoin?

Date Published: 12th July 2019
So you have signed up for Real Poker Worldwide, you have more than likely tried us out by using that Free Bitcoin sign up bonus we give you, and you have now decided that this is the perfect online Bitcoin poker site for you. The next step you are looking to take, is to deposit some Bitcoin with us and start playing for real, earning Bitcoin as you win. But first, you want to know a bit more about the deposit process, as depositing Bitcoin is different to any Fiat currency. So read on.

deposit bitcoin

Depositing Bitcoin
So the first thing you are going to need to do, is to go to the deposit section, where you will see the Deposit Bitcoin option on the left hand side. Make sure that both of the check boxes are marked, then click on Confirm Deposit. This will then give you your Bitcoin address, which you will use to deposit to your Real Poker Bitcoin wallet. You will also notice that there is a note below the Bitcoin address, which will tell you how long that this particular address is valid for.

All and every Bitcoin address is valid for a period of three days, before the address is then changed, so please make sure that you check your Bitcoin address before every deposit, just to make sure that the address you are using is still valid. Meanwhile, as a further security measure, we also make sure that we move the funds from the hot wallet that you send to, to a cold wallet, which makes for a much better security for you and your Bitcoin.

bitcoin poker-deposit

Finally, once your funds have been confirmed, it will then need to go through the usual three confirmations process, before we then credit this amount to your account. Once the Bitcoin hits your account, you are ready to hit the tables and test your skills against the best Bitcoin poker players on Real Poker Worldwide. Enjoy.

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