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How much you need to play poker and how to minimise loss
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How much you need to play poker and how to minimise loss

Date Published: 21st October 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
To play poker you need to vital things which are money and principle. If you are not very principled when playing the game of poker then you may end up losing all your money. Without your poker money, you will not be able to participate in a poker game, Which is why bankroll management is necessary. With the use of a good bankroll management strategy, you will be able to have enough money to play poker games and also survive normal poker variance. One of the common rules is the 20 buy-in rule which allows a No-Limit Hold' em cash game player to have at least 20 buy-ins for a particular level he is playing.

We are all aware that there is a lot of variance in poker, at times everything goes smoothly and we feel like Kings. Some other times everything goes so rough and our opponents hit every flush draw against us. This is the main reason why our bankroll should be able to handle fluctuations or variances, a common rule for no limits cash game players is 20BL. If you are going to play $1/$2 live cash games and you buy in for $200, you must have a bankroll of a minimum of $4000. Poker in California where there is a lot of No-Limit Texas Hold'em has a minimum of forty dollars buy-ins and $1/$2 blinds. Other states in the US make use of $40-$60 minimum and some use only $100. The rules will make sure that you will not buy-in at the table for more than five percent of your bankroll.

How much you need to play poker and how to minimise loss.

To play a Texas Hold'em game the minimum limit is $2/$4 limits Hold'em in almost all the places and the maximum bet on final rounds of betting is $4. For you to sit on a Texas Hold'em game you must have a minimum of $20, you should never sit down at a poker table with the minimum buy-in. This 20 buy-in is supposed to show that your limits and how you play, poker can be assumed to be a cheap form of gambling the casino. The money you must have before sitting on a table to play poker depends on several factors such as risk management, total gambling bankroll, and skill level. But the main factor deciding your buy-in is a factor of the number of stakes you are playing.

Poker is very popular and can be found in almost every casino with a decent sized poker room. In MGM Grand in Las Vegas start off with a minimum of $3/$6. We also have places like the Bellagio's poker room have limits as low as $4/$8. The series of games offered from the lower limits include $6/$12, $8/$16, $10/$20, $15/$30, $20/$40, $30/60, and so on. There are places like Bobby's room inside the Bellagio's poker room have been known to have limits of $2000/$4000 limit.

Poker is very popular and can

The concept behind this is for you to have enough bankroll to withstand common poker fluctuations or variances and reduce your risk of going broke. But for someone that plays poker occasionally or a recreational player, this is not much of a big deal. If you are the type of person that plays poker for fun you can always add to your bankroll anytime you want. Also if you are playing poker for fun you don't really rely on poker winnings for support.

On the other hand professor poker players that make almost all of their income from playing, will be interested in larger bankrolls. The main reason for this is that they will take from their bankroll to settle their bills, they are often in need of emergency fund in case something goes wrong. And the sad part is that you can't play poker without money. Professional online players who play a lot of tables and will easily have 20 buy-ins spread across all of their games. You should suggest 50Bl for live play and closer to 100Bl for multi-tabling online. This strategy is very conservative and safe for someone whose livelihood depends on it.

On the other hand professor poker

The other aspect of “playing within your bankroll” is playing a level that your bankroll AND skills support. Just because you are a recreational player with $10k in the bank doesn’t necessarily mean you should be playing $400 no limits online. Sure you have 25BI for it, more than the 20BI minimum, but if you can beat $400 no limits what’s the point? You’d be better off playing a smaller game that you have positive expected value in than playing a higher game that you’d lose in…even if your bankroll would allow you to play it. All of this talk about bankroll management assumes that you are a winning player. If someone is a losing player then the bankroll management would only prolong the time until they are broke.

Another importance of playing within your bankroll is that you will get to play at a level that your bankroll and poker skill support. As a recreational player with twenty thousand dollars in the bank doesn't mean you should pay $800 no limits online. It will be better to play a smaller game that you have a higher chance of you winning than playing in a higher game that you may lose, regardless of the amount that you are having in your bankroll. But talking about bankroll management means that you have assumed that you are a player that wins most time. However, if you are a losing player bankroll management will only delay the time you are going to get broke

Another importance of playing within your

Assuming you have only $100 with you and sit in a $100 no limits game. We all know 1Bl is not close to good bankroll management and the reason is that. Let assume your early position open-shoves for $150. And it folds to you with AA and BB. This type of condition is very good! And for some unknown reasons, the opposition shows us he has K which we already crush it. Just like many poker scenarios, despite the fact that our opponent is being crushed he still has some equity and can still win.

The opponent's K has 18% equity against us meaning that we will not only lose 18% of our time but we will also go broke in 18% of the time. Although this is an example, losing your 18% bankroll management will spell doom. Once again it is a hard task to play with when you are broke. For online poker, buy-in for 100BB in a 25 no limits means that you require a minimum of 500. But for a multi-table tournament, try and spend only 2% of your bankroll without considering the buy-in

These limits are not compulsory or permanent, but they are the strategy to help you minimize your losses. Everyone playing poker has their limit depending on whether they are a professional or regular player and also their source of income. Anytime you are setting a limit always make sure you consider certain factors.

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