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How to hide your tells in Bitcoin poker online
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How to hide your tells in Bitcoin poker online

Date Published: 9th February 2020
Author: Dana Andrew

Tells in poker can make you or break you in terms of your poker session profits. If other players are able to read you they can predict what you’ll do and therefore, have the opportunity to set up traps for you. Reading tells are one of the strengths experienced poker players have developed through experience, and they use this acute ability to read other players in order to maximize their poker profits. While you may not be so good at reading tells in poker, especially if you are new to poker, one thing you can do is learn how to hide your tells in Bitcoin poker online to increase your potential poker profits in Bitcoin poker. 

Bitcoin Tells

What Are Tells in Bitcoin Poker?

It is difficult to read tells in Bitcoin poker because Bitcoin poker is played online, so unlike live poker, there are a lot less obvious tells available. Spotting tells in online poker means reading your opponents without having the opportunity to see or hear them. Unlike in live poker, where tells may involve facial expressions, eye movements, and a vocal exchange of words, tells in Bitcoin poker are much more discreet and different to spot. However, experienced players are able to spot tells in Bitcoin poker so it’ll be good to be self-aware of these tells. Any type of mannerism or habit you have that reveals information to your opponents about your cards is a tell in Bitcoin poker. You may even be unaware of your poker tells in Bitcoin poker. 

How Can I Hide My Tells in Bitcoin Poker Online?

Similar to live poker, gloaters are everywhere so one of the most obvious tells in Bitcoin poker is chatter box players. If you want to hide your tells in Bitcoin poker, you can start by being less braggy in the chat. Especially players on tilt and fishy players, a lot of tells are exchanged in the online poker chat. 

Bitcoin Tell

Other simple ways to hide your poker tells online are to monitor your timing and try to consistently use the same timing. The more uniform your actions and mannerisms are the harder you will be to read. Do not check quickly when your hand does not improve, pause before you act because an obvious “auto check” is a tell. 

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