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How To Play BTC Poker Online
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Bitcoin Poker

How To Play BTC Poker Online

Date Published: 21st January 2019
It is no news that poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. With millions of player all over the world, it continues to grow by the day. Variations of this game have evolved over the years for easier access and gameplay. It is an engaging classic card game which is now available for Bitcoin players as well. Despite BTC Poker growing in popularity each day, it cannot be accessed everywhere. By paying with Bitcoin, it has simplified deposits and withdrawals for its players. You can be sure of transaction speed, privacy, flexibility, and bonuses. The major question every player asks is, how do you play BTC Poker?

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to be created and it still remains the most popular. There are umpteen cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Ethereum which you can utilize in playing online poker. Just like other cryptos, Bitcoin remains decentralized which implies that it cannot be controlled by one entity. Now, let’s get into the gameplay. All that is required to play BTC Poker is these simple steps.

btc poker-online

Create a Wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet is a safe digital wallet which is used to keep, send, and also receive digital currency such as Bitcoin. Most cryptocurrencies have their specific wallets. Bitcoin has its own wallet which is known as the Bitcoin wallet. These wallets are free online or you can decide to buy a physical Bitcoin hardware wallet. The physical wallet can be controlled using the buttons on your USB Stick. The online wallet, on the other hand, has an address and a private key. Be sure not to reveal your private key to anyone as your wallet can be hacked into easily if this vital information is released. All that is required when registering for a BTC Poker account is your wallet address.

Purchase Bitcoins
After the successful creation of the wallet, the next step is the purchase of the coins from an exchange. Bitcoin players can buy it with the use of credit cards. There are many online exchanges that trade Bitcoin. Two good ones are BitPanda and Coinbase as they require only your credit or debit details, or bank information. After this, you pick the amount of Bitcoin you are interested in purchasing and then picking the cryptocurrency wallet option for storage.

online btc-poker

Deposit Bitcoin into the Poker Site
The final stage is where you select a trusted online Bitcoin casino in order to create a new account on their platform. After signing up, click on your profile page and then an option of “Your Funds” or “Deposit” will reflect on the dashboard. Click on it and then an option to link your wallet to the BTC Poker account will be suggested. Once this has been completed, you will be able to choose and transfer any amount of Bitcoin as long as it is equal to or more than the minimum deposit requirement.

BTC Poker Tournaments and Games
There is no difference in the tournaments and game types, only the payment conversion. The most common game of BTC Poker is Texas Hold’em while others range from Seven-card stud to Omaha. Tournaments include Sit-n-Go and Bitcoin poker tournaments.

Good luck with your gambling adventure, play safe.

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