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How to play pocket aces in crypto poker
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How to play pocket aces in crypto poker

Date Published: 14th May 2019
Crypto Poker is becoming the most popular choice when it comes to this game, mainly because of all the advantages that cryptocurrencies have to offer: firstly, it reaches a higher degree of anonymity, it’s faster, more efficient, and it also has lower fees. Besides, it’s a new method of payment, so being an early adopter could help you gain advantage over competition.

online pocket-aces

Since it’s new, players who choose Crypto Poker benefit from more bonuses and promotions as well, meaning that it gives you ideal conditions of playing. Therefore, it would be a shame to play it superficially and not learn about strategy, since there is so much in store for you. For instance, let’s start with poker hands: Pocket Aces is probably the best hand which you can be dealt in Texas Hold’Em, thus being the most profitable as well.

The best way to handle this hand is to raise and re-raise with AA before the flop. Then, you should remain committed to it – this is the type of hand which allows you to throw all of your chips in the middle, because winning the big pot is possible, especially if you build it during the game. Of course, if you play with the same person more often, you can change this strategy accordingly, to avoid being predictable.

crypto pocket-aces

However, Pocket Aces involve raising and re-raising most of the time. Take advantage of the passive play of your opponents, as there is a chance they’ll call if they have any card they like. The point is, it’s a very powerful hand which offers a lot of liberty during the game, so the last thing you should do is play cautiously when you can take a risk bit by bit and win the game without much effort.

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