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Is playing poker online safe?
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Is playing poker online safe?

Date Published: 4th April 2020
Author: James Shelton
Poker is one of the world's famous table games. It is a game that involves the use of your brain and gut in order to win. We have seen a lot of people losing a poker game they were supposed to win but they couldn't apply their gut to the game so they end up loosing.

Talking about playing online poker, that is taking poker to another level, some people take it as fun and not stressful, no need to go to a poker shop, all you need to do is just sit behind your phone, laptop or any gaming device to play. Well it has it's advantages and also disadvantages.

Playing poker online can help increase security of the player's life, money and privacy, we have seen a lot of people getting killed by playing poker, their opponent just don't want to loose so the next option is to kill the winner and get their money back, well playing online you could also get killed but the possibility is very slim because the your security depends on you, gaming sites let you choose the option of not adding your profile picture so you can play anonymously even not using your real name and play safe.

Playing poker online can help increase

Another advantage is that your money is safe as long as you don't loose it while playing. Your winnings are also guaranteed when you play from a reliable site, not like winning from a poker shop where your money could get stolen from you.

Also talking about privacy, some people don't want others to know that they play poker. Lot of people see poker as a bad game especially if you are not living in cities like Texas, Vegas or other cities where it is legal, you could get arrested for playing poker in some countries but playing online all you need is to play with a VPN, hide your identity and your privacy is kept intact.

Even with all these advantages there are still downside to playing poker online. We all know the best way to enjoy something is in 5D, real life not on a gaming control especially if you can do it real life and when your money is involved, why play on a gaming device? Talking about downside we have seen lot of people loose their money to scam gaming sites, the truth is there are more scammers out there compared to the legit ones and the percentage of your money being at risk is high.

Even with all these advantages there

There have been lot of instances where people win money from online poker sites and when they try to cashout they see that they have been blocked by the site or the site no longer exist.

An interesting part of poker is the availability of multiplayer, while playing real life, you play among real people so you know if they are cheating but playing online, you don't even who you are playing with, you could be playing with a computer thinking you are playing with human and you see your self loosing money. The purpose of an online poker game is to make money except the games that are just for fun, so they tend to do everything in their power to make you loose your money. The funny thing is that they make you win especially the first time so as to entice you then you loose, you try again you loose, try again you win, then the series continues and then you think of a strategy thinking they are fools but they want you to see it then you stake high and loose your money.

Playing poker is a little bit safe especially if you are not playing for money, don't risk all your hard earned money and you look for reliable poker sites. Always be a responsible player.

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