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Know how to make the right moves in Bitcoin poker
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Know how to make the right moves in Bitcoin poker

Date Published: 19th June 2019
Although most poker players have become accustomed to the effective strategies in online poker, new challenges are surfacing since Bitcoin poker has become more popular. Some have noticed that playing Bitcoin poker can be slightly different from the regular online poker everyone was used to, so it’s good to know a few tips and tricks.

btc poker-smarts

One thing that you should consider when starting the game is where you’re seated – there are three seats, with each of them requiring a different strategy: the early position, the middle position, and the late position. Since the Small and Big Blind rotate, you’re going to play in all of these positions. The early position requires good hands, which is why beginners may feel pressured in this situation – if you’re aware that you don’t have a strong hand, it’s better if you fold.

During the middle position, raising is recommended, but it becomes almost mandatory if you have a pair. Lastly, the late position offers an advantage over the players who are in other positions – you get to act after gathering information on everyone else’s hand. Sometimes it’s enough to raise pre-flop to win pots, but it really depends on the game.

bitcoin poker-smart

Bitcoin poker requires your maximum attention, as you may tend to get overly-excited because of small wins or strong hands and make the wrong move, even when you’re close to actually winning. It’s true that Bitcoin bonuses and promotions, along with the price fluctuations that occur are advantageous, but it’s crucial for you to keep your head in the game. Leave the possible winnings aside and focus on applying your strategy properly – otherwise, the only thing you’ll be left with is the regret that you thought more about Bitcoins, rather than about what you can do to win them.

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