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Only one account per user and household explained
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Only one account per user and household explained

Date Published: 13th May 2019
Author: Linwood William
At Real Poker, we only allow one account per user, and like we explained in our “What is Chip Dumping” article the other day, we work hard to ensure that users only have one account. Under no exceptions do we allow users to have more than one account. Due to our loss leader in giving away chips, we find it more important than ever that a user only has one account per household.

real poker-account

What does one account per household mean?

Due to our promotion, we do sadly attract users who create multiple accounts, then proceed to chip dump and ruin the experience for everyone else on the platform, so we take proactive measures to combat these terms and conditions violations. There has never been a case where a user has gone on for a length of time and not been spotted, as unnatural circumstances are easy for our early warning systems to spot. We then take the action that is needed, so we request and warn users not to engage in multiple accounts, as it will only waste your time and our resources.

What if my sibling wants to play on the same Internet line?

This is strictly prohibited, as we do not have the ability to police your play, and determine if you are in fact colluding, so we request that only one user per internet line is active. If this is violated then all accounts affiliated will have to be banned for terms violations.

already logged-in

If you are using multiple accounts on the same connection you may see this following message, we are making every effort to prevent collusion of any sort.

real poker-terms

Our approach is simple, do not collude, do not seat with other players you know where collusion can occur and can result in your actions being misrepresented, if you wish to play poker with friends on Real Poker, then contact support and those rooms can be set up where promotional money is not at stake also.

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