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Perfect big stack strategy for BTC poker online
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Perfect big stack strategy for BTC poker online

Date Published: 11th July 2019
The perfect big stack strategy is here
Having the big stack in poker is unique. Will you let yourself become a target with your surplus of chips? Does it mean it’s time to pack up and go home with your winnings? Regardless, if you are playing the big stacks in poker, you should update your strategy a little bit to play to your favor. Here is the perfect big stack strategy for when you’re playing bitcoin poker online.

btc poker-online

Here’s what you do
Stay smart. The first thing to do is not be distracted by the fact that you have the big stack. Players will notice your stack and some might make their move on you. Do not become complacent or change your risk appetite - you will begin to make mistakes and it will be costly. Relax, it’s just the big stack.

Pressure the little guys. Try to put pressure on the players with small stacks, and generally increase the bet sizing. Your pre-flop bets that used to be 2BBs are now 4-5BBs and so on. Subtly start taking bigger pot sizes and inducing more folds.
Steal blinds. On top of increasing your bet sizing, blind stealing is going to work for you with the big stacks, as long as you practice this with reason. Raise on every other button rather than call, and only allow players to see flops if they have good hands.

Expand your range. As you have the flexibility to do so, play low pocket pairs, suited connectors, and more hands. Expand your range and your chances of winning, but again, while playing smart. This does not mean to see every flop or to become reckless.

btc online-poker

Wrapping up your big stack strategy in poker
It doesn’t happen every day but if you wind up with the big stacks at the table, play with caution and play smart. There can be easy looks for you to take pots and there can be wicked traps that are being set up. Play the game smart and good luck.

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