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Playing Bitcoin Poker

Date Published: 15th November 2020
Author: Dana Andrew
Poker has evolved in the last decade, even people who did not use to enjoy card games are now addicted to poker. Real money was initially used to bet on the game when it was invented, but the money brought to bet is exchanged with poker chips. There are lots of emotions that fly around as regard betting your hard-earned money on any game, not just poker. With the advent of cryptocurrency, poker has taken a new turn of allowing players to bet with Bitcoin, not only with fiat money. On the table, it's advisable not to show fear even if you're on a high stakes poker table, opponents can use your emotions against you.

Playing Bitcoin Poker

Playing with Bitcoin, you exchange them with a chip, which at that time is worth the value of BTC you're betting with. But in the poker game, you should see a chip as worthless so you don't have to get frightened of losing your money. This is a trick used by some great poker players to eliminate fear and keep them fiercely in poker matches. Believe the chips are with nothing until you cash them in at the end of each poker match, that's when you'll know their real worth. This creates a safe house in the minds of players, making the game more fun and interesting to play.

You can either play with high stakes and not know you are or with nothing as stakes. This uncertainty brings a state of calmness and focus to players on the table, as you find them playing at their best. It's even possible not to deposit any coin on Bitcoin Poker, first, you'll need to start with playing freerolls, freerolls afford you free chips to play in the real game. With a chip acquired from freerolls, you can go from depositing zero Bitcoin to 1 or more BTC, a hero. If you're an expert poker player, try BTC Poker today, earn free chips to be used in real games, and use them to win millions.

Playing with Bitcoin, you exchange them

When you're short on BTC or you're saving them and don't want to deposit any BTC playing poker, BTC Poker is the place to start. Playing real poker is all about exchanging your fiat currency for chips or exchanging your BTC for them. With BTC Poker, you can earn them for free and play live to win extra cash. Get online and learn how to play Bitcoin Poker today to start winning big.

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24th January 2019 05:35
Poker report on the match up from Thursday between mauricepatrick, amer, marknorm, razor$harp, runemskipp, willnsuzi, marcellobello, thedcmfamily, ingrid43, rhea49, for the prize pot of 5000 rupees.
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23rd January 2019 17:58
Poker report on the match up from Wednesday between daledale219, risaallen, suzi62, shujah, maximiliani, naz_man, countmonroe, brendasmile, edd.imix, capt.price, for the prize pot of 1250 rupees.
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2nd March 2019 04:19
Online poker match report for Melbourne from Saturday which saw marcos-aloha win the prize pot of 2,500.00 rupees on a 10 table just for Melbourne.
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21st January 2019 15:05
Online poker match report for Sydney from Monday which saw mattrollins win the prize pot of 500.00 rupees on a 10 table exclusive for Sydney.
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