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Playing poker
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Playing poker

Date Published: 6th June 2020
Author: Anson Cole
Poker is a game of cards that can involve family or friends, it's a game of chance and involve luck hence can be played for fun or in tournaments to earn money. This game can be of different kinds and players can decide on which one to play, they can also place bets against each other depending Thad value of poker hands. The game is played from a standard park of fifty two cards which are ranked from high to low. Decks can can also have four suits which includes a spade, heart, diamond and clubs. You can play poker anywhere with 2 or 10 players in a single table or many tables can also be used by thousands of players during tournaments. Gaming also has a wild card which may take any suit and in many cases, joker is used as a wild card.

Playing poker

Cards are dealt by one person depending on the number of players, the dealer starts with the player on his left hand side and ends with himself. The first player on the dealers left side then becomes the first to play and the game continues as a ring game. Poker hands are ranked from low to high with the highest hand obtained hand obtained when using five cards. The higher card wins with more than one hand, when dealing the cards a beat natural hand be put in place with four cards of same kind. hand with higher rank of the four kids wins the game but in a situation where all the cards are of the same suit then it's referred to as the flush. If both hands have the same high pair then the second pair wins but if are of same pairs the high card wins the game. At the end of every game, the highest hand is always declared the the winner.

Cards are dealt by one person

Betting involve raising but you have to raise so as to match what had been bet the last time you played. Amount may keep increasing but with a specific limit, if you fold then drop out of the current hand hence losing. In five card draw, each player is dealt with five cards and the hands are revealed. Player is not allowed to see the card on the top of the deck and if he does then the next player is allowed pick the same card or put it at the bottom of the pile.

Poker is a good game for fun and many people have also made a living from it, You feel relaxed when competing and also enhance quick decision making on individual players. For you to be successful , your ability to think and analyse movement on opponents movement is necessary. You must also be able to concentrate because your opponent can easily take advantage of your concentration in winning the game. Poker can also have a very negative impact on someones life, it can cause stress and also at risk of losing everything thing if a budget is not properly managed. The game is much addictive and can affect your life hence should not be played for a financial solution.

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