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Professional poker players and 'Tells'
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Professional poker players and 'Tells'

Date Published: 21st May 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
PokerKing, an online Poker blogger says that 'tell' is when a person inadvertently reveals the hand that they have. This happens when they change their behavior from normal to more erratic. Oftener than not, a tiny gesture may be too minimal for untrained eyes to see. Through unconscious fiddling, others can decipher whether the other players have a good or bad hand. Surprisingly, it has been proven that even online poker has a way for a person to read other players’ movements. Simply by tracking their reaction time, if faster or slower than previously. Gestures include a wide spectrum, being both big and small depending on the player.

Be that a vigorously vocal player quiets when they have a bad or good hand. The way a player fiddles with their coins, also reveal if they have a good hand. Include can be a player shifting in their seat, leaning forward, or backward when they have a good hand. Some times the movements can even be as subtle as not meeting the other player’s eyes.

Professional Poker Players and 'Tells'

Limited players are aware of what to look for when searching for ‘tells’. Professional poker players are more careful to not reveal any of them. According to Nicolas Fradet, a professional online poker player with heaps of experience. Even if one of the most famous poker players denies people having manners that give their hands away, when they are on the professional level, it’s untrue. As every player has even a small gesture that serves as a ‘tell’ you have to train your eyes to detect even the slightest of shifting. Deciphering the bodily reactions are an extremely important part of poker games, often being the thin line between losing and winning.

All Professional Players have these habits whether they know themselves, or not to be successful they need to work on them. Not to have any as in Professional Poker Player, is impossible as there's an unimaginable amount of stress. According to the world champion Profession Poker Player of 2003 Dan Harrington, these manners are useless and do not apply to poker. It is proven to be false, by various academics across the world. Joe Navarro, an FBI behavioral expert, with twenty-five years of experience, has attested to this fact.

All Professional Players have these habits

He coached poker players in behavioral sciences, his classes are filled with Poker Professionals. Joe is still flabbergasted by the interest they pay when he is speaking, as you would assume that being at the levels of poker they are.

They would know more than enough about ‘tells’ as poker is their sport. The famous Phil Hellmuth, said that when playing at big poker tournaments, as much as seventy percent of the games wins, and losses are based on the way a player deciphers body language. He is a renowned Professional with as much as eleven World Series bracelets. There are ways to reduce your behavior when playing poker, some things that can be used, is simple.

Steady hands are a must when disguising your cards. If you have a nervous tick, like scratching your neck, be sure to repeat the movement exactly like before. Minimize looking at your cards until it is your time to play. To put convey this fact in better words, ‘tells’ are a critical part of all poker games, even more so in high stake Professional Poker games. If you are not well versed with body language and behavior. You will most probably have to get informed about body reactions, before treading the dangerous and exhilarating world of Professional Poker.

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