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Real Poker leads the way with Free Bitcoin poker
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Real Poker leads the way with Free Bitcoin poker

Date Published: 20th August 2019
A 25% rakeback every day, a 0.0005 Bitcoin sign up bonus, a 25% referral fee which applies for a lifetime, and loyalty schemes for the regulars – does this sound good to you? is providing all of these advantages for their users, and many more.

free bitcoin-online-poker

Deciding your next steps
You must have heard about the new crypto-currency “wave” in online poker. Now you’re probably wondering what it’s all about, and if it’s actually valid. The answer is yes – all the Bitcoin promotions and bonuses which you have read about can be yours as well, if you choose to sign up on a BTC poker website.

It’s true that some of them are scams – but as long as you choose one that is trustworthy, like, you will have nothing to worry about. Everything you need to know will already be mentioned on the website, guiding you through your next steps.

Why Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the most popular crypto-currency at the moment because of several reasons. First of all, even though you would normally have to wait an average of 3-5 for your withdrawals, Bitcoin transactions are processed much faster, allowing you to receive your money in no time. The transactions are also anonymous, as it is very difficult for others to see where your investments are going, and they’re safer.

Any BTC poker player that uses could assure you that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the profits can grow simply because you’re using this particular currency.

free bitcoin-poker-online

As long as you know it’s secure, and that this activity can impact your finances in a positive manner, why not try it? After all, you will be playing a complex, entertaining game, while also obtaining profit from it. It’s true that you may not see the results right away, but it’s going to be worth it long-term.

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