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Reasons why Bitcoin poker pocket Aces should be represented pre-flop
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Reasons why Bitcoin poker pocket Aces should be represented pre-flop

Date Published: 21st November 2019
Author: Garey Kennedy
If you find yourself with pocket aces in bitcoin poker, the ultimate cards you can be dealt and safe to say a winning hand in poker, do not fall to the mistake of others and do not slow play your stellar hand. There is debate on the internet over how to play pocket aces correctly, the answer is to represent your aces pre-flop and play aggressively. If you play pocket aces with the right strategy, you can easily double up or triple up on this hand, but if you don’t play this correctly you may waste this once in a blue moon occurrence.

poker pocket-ace

Getting Pocket Aces in Bitcoin Poker
Of over one hundred sixty possible two-card hands you can be dealt, pocket aces is the best hand. As it only happens rarely, you can use the hand to automatically end your poker session with a profitable run, because the hand is just that strong and you can literally multiply your stack size. In order to maximize your bitcoin earnings with pocket aces in hand, you should raise as much as possible pre-flop.

Value bet your AA’s equity before the flop with a 3x pot raise or considerable re-raise, and represent the aces early so that you can encourage weaker hands to fold. Now that you have a 2 or 3 man show down, assuming the blinds stay in, you are ready to continuation bet on the flop and ideally steal the pot.

poker ace

Why Play Aggressively with Pocket Aces
The problem with slow playing pocket aces, which some poker players will recommend you do, is it is simply ineffective in bitcoin poker, as the roster is filled with calling machines and gamblers. If you want to ensure a win from this hand, you need to bet pretty big pre-flop to thin the field and pounce on the opportunity to take the pot.

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