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Reasons why you should never slow play pocket Aces in Bitcoin poker
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Reasons why you should never slow play pocket Aces in Bitcoin poker

Date Published: 15th November 2019
Bitcoin gambling games and online casinos offering bitcoin games have risen to internet popularity with bitcoin poker being among the favorite online games for gambling with bitcoin. Winning bitcoin through online poker is relatively new, so the landscape is primarily bitcoin owners that are interested in growing their wealth through online gambling. Most players are recreational poker players, and gambling is the main draw of playing bitcoin poker. In lucky cases, a bitcoin poker player can triple or more their starting buy-in, so the community of bitcoin poker players online is increasing every day. For fun and enjoyable bitcoin poker try poker platform.

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Best Bitcoin Poker Hand: Pocket Aces
If ever you find yourself with pocket aces, you are holding the holy grail of hands in poker. Unlike other online casino games, poker puts you in the driver’s seat in this situation and gives you the opportunity to seize the moment as having pocket aces is very rare in poker. This is the strongest possible hand you can have, and this gives you the highest equity to win the hand pre-flop compared to any other hand of all the hands that you can be dealt.

What To Do With Pocket Aces
If you are dealt pocket aces in bitcoin poker, you should always value bet immediately, starting with a sizeable pre-flop raise or re-raise. You will want to encourage players to fold pre-flop so you don’t get killed with weak players bad beating you on the flop. You also want to play hand perfectly to double up your stack size, and this is best achieved with AA in hand.

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The Slow Play Myth
There is a misconception that you should slow play pocket aces but this is a terrible idea. Although it has worked in poker tournaments before, bitcoin poker is played uniquely and slow playing pocket aces will make you both waste your premium hand, and lose you money. Bitcoin poker on, the premier bitcoin poker platform, is played casually with small blinds and recreational players. Many of these players are calling machines and gamblers. Slow playing will never work with this demographic.

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