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Should you bet big pre-flop in Bitcoin poker?
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Bitcoin Poker

Should you bet big pre-flop in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 13th January 2020

Bitcoin poker is a growing trend and popular online game. Real bitcoin can be earned by playing Real Poker games online. Bitcoin poker games are safe, fun to play, and easy to join. The real poker online bitcoin platform is available on any internet browser, or through a desktop application or via the mobile app. To try bitcoin poker today you may also sign up for a free bitcoin bonus at 

Pre-flop Poker

Pre-Flop Bitcoin Poker Tips

For those bitcoin poker players that want to learn how to play pre-flop, do not be discouraged. Many players are hesitant to call, or play action pre-flop since only 2 cards have been revealed. Pre-flop play can be unnerving, seeing the pot climb sometimes so early into play. However, some players use the pre-flop to bet big and earn a lot of their bitcoin poker profits. 

Betting big pre-flop is usually a huge gamble. The likelihood that you have winning cards pre-flop are at their lowest. But, against weak players, a big bet pre-flop will usually induce a fold. Pre-flop pot stealing usually means small 1.5BB pots, but these add up over time, and pot stealing pre-flop is way more frequent in online poker than it is in live poker. Sometimes betting big pre-flop in bitcoin poker will mean easy profits, depending on how you are playing against. In smaller online poker tables, pre-flop blind stealing is extremely common. 

Poker Pre-flop

Be Ready for Post-Flop Continuation Play

One of the differences of playing online poker compared to live poker, is there is a lot more random, expected plays online. Even with a well-executed bluff, it is much more common for bitcoin poker players online to call out of the wild and All-in limp pre-flop. If you are going to bet big pre-flop in bitcoin poker, be ready for continuation play in case somebody calls. Mostly bet big pre-flop with premium cards.

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Should you bet big pre-flop in Bitcoin poker?
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