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Spot that bully in BTC poker online
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Spot that bully in BTC poker online

Date Published: 9th July 2019
Bitcoin poker is growing by the day, as the number of players online continues to rise. When you are playing BTC poker online remember to stick to a poker strategy and don’t become easily distracted. If you follow your game plan and play smart poker, you can come away with a win at the table.

btc poker-bully

Developing your skills in poker is imperative to winning more money from the game. Betting, reading your fellow players, and luck all play a role in your poker game success. What do you do when there is a bully at your poker table? They are not uncommon and are effective in online poker rooms as their style of play scares off beginner poker players. A poker bully can be spotted as the player that is trigger happy with betting, inducing folds most of the time as their win strategy. They will often bet big with weak hands and are fearless to limp into play.

How to Defeat a Bully
If you are an amateur player, do not be afraid. Poker bullies are easy to overcome with the right strategy, and this is how. A poker bully will raise on nearly all hands, strong and weak. His success is dependent on you folding your hand out of discomfort. Once you’ve spotted a bully, call all of the hands when you have decent cards. Play good hands and call to the river, and the bully will eventually be defeated if you continue to call his bluffs.

bitcoin poker-bully

Are You Sure This Will Work?
If you spot and trap a bully with this poker strategy, it will absolutely work. It will take a bit of courage at first, as the bully’s style of play is intimidating and his pot sizes can create anxiety. Call down your opponents with moderately strong hands and he will eventually stop betting on nothing attempting to induce folds.

Once the bully is spotted, he is a marked target and with the right execution you can go home with the majority of the bully’s pot.

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