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Strategies To Employ To Fight Bad Beats
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Strategies To Employ To Fight Bad Beats

Date Published: 28th November 2020
Author: Kelvin Sherwood
Comments that were made recently indicate that six out of seven Bitcoin Poker players have had a rough time managing bad beats. Lots of gamers could be seen asking for advice on how they could prevent a bad beat that had changed their playing habits. Essentially, a bad beat have seen a good number of poker players with strong hands lose to their opponent with weaker when a lucky card comes in the equation. Studies have shown that lots of Bitcoin Poker players have failed to make it in this sport because of bad beats that affected their judgment. It must be remembered that learning how to control your emotions is important to your success not only in Bitcoin Poker but also other sporting activities worldwide.

Strategies To Employ To Fight Bad Beats

There’s nothing more demoralizing than losing a game that you had more than 80 percent favorable chances of winning. Understanding that bad situations can occur in any sport is the mindset that every player should have. Whenever bad beats happen, gamers always have a hard time understanding how it occurred with some willing to risk everything in searching for their lost glory. A point often overlooked is that when you’ve controlled the play but your opponent somehow succeeded in hitting a two-outer on the river, you should learn to let it go. In case you become a victim of bad beats, here are the guidelines that you need to employ.

The first thing to be done when you want to deal with bad beats is changing your mindset that will let you understand that bad beats can go either way. It’s worth noting that what’s good for the goose must also be good for the gander. Knowing that you might have done this to other competitors will help you to forge ahead. Similarly, learn to leave your worries behind and take a few minutes off to refresh your mind. When it finds you in a middle of a tournament, allow yourself nearly two minutes of resting even it means losing some hands. It’s worth noting that a bad beat has never spared online players who play live matches, and should follow similar procedure.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than losing

Comparatively, you’ll be required to be stricter with your hands while paying cards that are normally considered as monsters, including AQ. Although it may be true that this strategy can work, you’ll need to have strong emotional feelings to make the correct decision. Identically, you need to learn how to pay more attention on gaming process than the outcome. Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 professional Bitcoin poker players have succeeded in the sport because they have strong emotional foundation that cannot allow them to be swayed by a bad beat. For them, when they hit a bad beat as well as a rake the situation remain the same. And what helped a good percentage of Bitcoin poker opponents is the understanding that losing control is the begging of failure.

Inasmuch as playing poker comes with emotional bindings, you need to avoid becoming a victim of grief that psychiatrists believe pass through different stages, including anger, denial, bargaining, depression and to say nothing of acceptance. A good player needs to be in a position of handling bad beats because they are not expected to win every time they are in a competition. Another essential point to note is you should always take a break whenever you feel that your winning streak is being threatened. There are clear signs that will show if somebody is becoming a victim of grief when playing Bitcoin poker. For example, when you’re playing poker and thrive to rebuke your opponents arises, it’s a clear sign that you need to take a few minutes off.

The first thing to be done

Above all, accepting the outcome of the game will help in improving your level of confidence that’s critical when you want to control your emotions. To be successful in this, you need to convince your instinct that you played well although the results were against you. It should happen more often after you’ve lost all your chips. It’s good to state that this is a powerful tool that can destroy your poker career if not handled properly. Not to mention that you need to up your skills as well as rules by going over several rules and strategies.

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