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Things to avoid in Bitcoin poker
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Things to avoid in Bitcoin poker

Date Published: 20th March 2020
Author: Leslie Stafford

When playing online poker there are some things you should try to avoid, such as operating heavy equipment or performing surgery. As convenient as it is to play Bitcoin poker games through the Real Poker platform, via any internet enabled device, the mobile app, computer application, internet browser, or tablet there are still many things you shouldn’t do while playing the game. Here is a list of things to avoid in Bitcoin poker.

Poker Hints

Beginner Poker Mistakes

If your goal is to win and play successfully, you should look at your poker game first and foremost and try to avoid beginner poker mistakes. In Texas Hold Em you cannot rely on just trying or playing and gambling the whole game. Otherwise, it will be a very short game for you and you will not be able to play very long. Follow some type of strategy and the fundamentals of poker at least if you want to avoid mistakes within the game. Missing a value bet or making poor decisions because of your ego in poker is not going to help you. Impatience and tilt are common poker mistakes you need to avoid.

Poker Advice

Waiting For Good Cards

Another thing to understand in Bitcoin poker is it is a game so you are also supposed to have fun. If you only rely on luck and wait for AA the whole time, you will never get to actually play. When you are playing Bitcoin poker avoid folding every hand and waiting around for the nuts only to play. Sometimes in poker the only way to win is to bluff, and sometimes you will need to play poor cards like 23 on the big blind, and be surprised to see 456 on the flop. If this happens, you actually have a straight and can win All-In or at least a good amount of money. This is why you need to “play” a little. Do not also just check check check with 23 either because you are overly paranoid that somebody else have 78. Realistically, there is a big blind that everybody else needs to pay to see the flop. If you only have 78 you probably wouldn’t pay the big blind.

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