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Use your math skills to become a better Bitcoin poker player
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Use your math skills to become a better Bitcoin poker player

Date Published: 29th January 2020
Author: Dana Andrew

At Real Poker you can enjoy your favorite bitcoin poker games and earn real bitcoin through online poker. If you are able to study the game of poker, and learn how to play better, you can win more games and therefore win more bitcoin. One way to become a better bitcoin poker player is to use your math skills to play the game better. 

Poker Maths

Using Math in Poker

Poker becomes less of a game of luck, and more one of skill with the more hands you play. Regular players of online poker can win the game more easily, and they know how to play and win consistently because they’ve played lots of hands and have experience with lots of different positions. One of the main factors to consider when playing a hand in poker is the odds. There are statistical odds to winning a hand in poker, and if you are able to closely monitor the odds and know your odds of winning, calculated as a percentage % chance you have at winning the pot, you can make the best decisions in poker. Knowing your mathematical odds of winning a hand will not only help you make better calls or value bets, it will also help you play the game more systematically with less emotions involved. When playing poker, you shouldn’t rely so much on intuition and emotions, do not become too attached to your cards and try to use your math skills to make objective decisions while playing poker.

Poker Math

Numbers in Poker

The probability of drawing a certain hand or group of 5 cards, is calculated by dividing the number of ways of drawing the hand by the total number of hands left in the deck. For example, if you want to draw a straight and have 2345 so far, your probability of hitting it is based on the remaining number of A’s and 6’s in the deck. Monitoring probabilities whilst playing poker is super important to knowing if you should fold, call, or raise. 

Math skills are also useful for calculating bet sizing. Pot sized bets are easier to identify and react to if you use your math skills to dominate your bluff and bet game.

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