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Using Bitcoin to Play Poker Online
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Bitcoin Poker

Using Bitcoin to Play Poker Online

Date Published: 19th January 2019
Cryptocurrency has come to the rescue of many people. Those who love playing poker online can use Bitcoin. It enables for transfer of money to the poker site you intend to play on. There are no middlemen involved in the transactions. This means it is cost effective. It is actually reliable for poker players online. When you are getting ready to enjoy poker and your credit card gets declined, it’s frustrating. Bitcoin is an easy way that makes sure you make the deposit and play as much as you want. You can make deposits and withdrawals at any time.

crypto bitcoin-poker

How to Buy Bitcoin
First, you have to download a wallet such as Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey, Exodus or Jaxx. You can then buy BTC through various sites including PayPal. The Bitcoin exchanges will allow you to buy the Bitcoin you need. After purchasing it, you can transfer the Bitcoin to your wallet. You will then need to deposit the amount in the poker site of your choice. There are many sites that will be of great service to you.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin
Bitcoin provides quality services to all people. Online poker has been made simple due to many reasons. The following are benefits of using Bitcoin to play poker online.

The Supersonic Speed of Withdrawal
Some sites take three to five days to do withdrawals. Bitcoin, on the other hand, takes only 24 hours to complete the withdrawals. This means that you won't wait for long without playing the game you love. You will deposit the Bitcoin to your wallet sometimes immediately. It is the most convenient way to have fun online.

It is Anonymous for the Poker Player
Bitcoin allows a lot of confidentiality. All the transactions are anonymous and your cover will not be blown. The business will be about you and the Bitcoin site. There is no third party involved hence there is secrecy. The poker sites are not involved here. The bank doesn’t see the deposits to the poker sites.

Bitcoin Poker Room Charges No Fees
There are no transaction fees when using Bitcoin poker rooms. There are no charges on the players. This makes it reliable for those who want to play many games. You will be covered by Bitcoin.

Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals Are Allowed
You can be able to make a small amount of deposit. For example, $20 is accepted as deposit. That means that when you don't have enough money, you can still play. You are free to withdraw any minimum amount too.

bitcoin poker-crypto

Bitcoin is great when it comes to playing online poker. You are guaranteed security in many ways. For counties that have legalized Bitcoin, there is a lot of development. Now poker is exciting and available due to Bitcoin.

Recent Bitcoin Poker Game Reports

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23rd January 2019 09:56
Poker report on the match up from Wednesday between jorgeanselm, greatwinak, benito.nt, paco.connan, benjibradley, luna-yasmin, aryan10, lasvegasjesus, docsloane, vernonvike, for the prize pot of 750 rupees.
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24th January 2019 04:17
Poker report on the 10 player challenge between daledale219, $$mid$cal$$, casi., paco.connan, maryjo72, petedidge, barrettbonden, rhea49, thedcmfamily, Priya, from Thursday
Ukraine Ethereum Poker 10 Player
28th January 2019 06:06
Report on the sit and go table this past Monday 28th January which saw blondbonnie take the pot of 250.00 rupees on this 10 table.
Melbourne BTC Poker from 27th January
27th January 2019 19:51
Poker report on the 10 player challenge between konradcampos, AbdulAces, mauricepatrick, suzi62, capt.price, johnsumner, mr.vse.suki, georgia-77, carollynn1965, jasonjanks, from Sunday
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