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What does it mean to shove in Bitcoin poker?
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What does it mean to shove in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 6th September 2019
In layman's terms, "shove" means to go all in. PERIOD!

NO! It means the same in both. There is no distinction between them. Bitcoin poker differs from regular online poker only on its payment processing method is almost exclusively cryptocurrencies. But the nature of the game remains the same. Going all in profitably is an art that takes time to master and takes many variables into consideration. As for example the effective stacks, tendency of the villains, our image on the table and stage of the tournament.

bitcoin shoved

Let's go a bit more in-depth one by one

Effective stacks - In general, the more chips you put at risk by shoving, the tighter our shove range will be. We must compensate the risk of losing a greater amount of chips with a higher EV. As simple as that.

Tendency of villains - Villains who have a LAG style of play are calling a much wider range of cards on average in comparison to a TAG player. This will allow us to shove a much wider range of hands profitably.

shove bitcoin

Our image at the table - Depending on our image at the table we can use it to shove a wider range. For example, if we have been active in the last few rounds it would be appropriate to fold the lower part of our range because we will get called by a wider range because of it and; on the contrary, if we have not been active we can shove an even wider range than usual.

Stage of the tournament - This is also a factor that we must take into consideration and that affects our all in ranges. Essentially, we must determine if we are shoving based on Chip EV or $ EV (ICM).

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