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What hands are good to play in BTC poker?
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What hands are good to play in BTC poker?

Date Published: 14th June 2019
How to best bet your Bitcoin in online poker? That’s a question many are asking, but the truth is that there are lots of strategies involved. Knowing when and how much to bet is essential to your winning strategy. Other players will also have techniques to control the game when you’re betting, and you have to be wary of that also. However, the ultimate ace you have to take out opponents is a strong hand. What hands are good to play in online BTC poker?

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Know Which Hands to Play and When to Strike
Knowing which hands to play is difficult. However, even when you know which hand to play, you also need to know when to play it to your advantage. If you want to get into pre-flop betting because the blind players are not comfortable, you’ll need extremely good cards as it’s a risky time to place a bet. When there is a pre-flop bet, there is uncertainty, even though it’s sometimes necessary.

Good hands to play pre-flop are pocket pairs, high-valued face cards, or suited high-valued face cards. When betting a good hand like these, also make sure to value bet and earn money on your equity. Make your opponent pay to see the flop and turn with a continuation bet especially if you have a good hand. If your chances of winning decrease by a river card, bet big and welcome the fold from the players chasing 5-card hands hoping to hit on the river.

Know When to Play, And When to Fold
Despite having great cards dealt to you, understand the game is about luck and chance. Often, you’ll be dealt with great cards, but your opponent gets lucky and the flop doesn’t go your way. Be prepared to fold good hands in the process of playing good poker.

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The game can be unpredictable at the best of times, but knowing how to read your opponent, and how to make great folds, is crucial. If the game is saying you’re going to lose the hand, you must have the guts to stay calm and composed under pressure and allow some hands go to reduce your overall losses. It’s the best way to win, even when you lose the hand.

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