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What is a Big Slick in Bitcoin Poker and How Should you play it?
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What is a Big Slick in Bitcoin Poker and How Should you play it?

Date Published: 16th April 2019
Big slick as the term suggests is a move in poker that has the potential of winning huge returns for the holder while at the same time resulting in losses for small pots due to its ‘slippery nature’. It is basically an efficient starting hand and entails holding the Ace and King as your two hole cards which normally come in two phases that are suited (Ah, Kh) or off suited (Ah, Ks). This particular hand favours players equipped with wit, skill and experience in poker and who are well conversant with navigating the various obstacles associated with it.

poker btc

It is utilized effectively as a drawing hand in bitcoin poker. This is an example of a no limit situation whereby one has to take the lead and gain control by raising early. The move enables one to play with utmost aggression against pre-flop. In this scenario, you have the advantage of folding equity since players with weaker hands, for example, someone starting with AA or KK will alert you considering the tight position you have subjected them to. In this case, however, you have to put in mind your position which affects the instance for ideal raising to pressurize your opponents while considering your entire session.

In addition, differentiate between the suited and unsuited phase since both of them are different hands with the suited having an advantage over its counterpart based on the fact that it has a higher percentage of pot equity and performs way better in multi-way scenarios.

btc poker-online

In conclusion, the trick is just exercising caution and an excellent analysis of every situation before folding or raising. Once you master the art of this hand, you will turn out a superior player and triumph over your opponents.

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