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What is a good percentage to see the flop in Bitcoin poker?
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What is a good percentage to see the flop in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 14th June 2019
What’s a good percentage to see the flop in online poker? Players ask this question all the time as they want to be able to understand the risks they take and measure them so they can win more hands. There are many answers to this question; however, it comes down to things such as the number of players at the table, the tournament rules and much more. There are also general rules for seeing the flop in Bitcoin poker, why not read on to find out more?

bitcoin poker-woman

Don’t Worry About the Flop Percentage during a Game
The flop percentage is a hard number to track during a game, and you shouldn’t solely focus on that as you may end up losing concentration. Percentages can increase and decrease very quickly; for example, if the cards are dead, the percentage may stand at 6%. However, if you’re dealt with a string of solid cards, the percentage can increase to 36%. The percentages change hour-by-hour, day-to-day, minute-by-minute, and you have to keep an eye over the flop percentages so that you aren’t falling behind.

When you’re playing online, it’s worth following the percentages just to make sure you aren't playing too tight and not seeing enough flops. However, you also need to make sure you’re not seeing too many flops either, but other than that, you have more important stats to track like raises and 3-bets which directly affect your stacks. Play your game and see the percentages as an indicator after the game, over several games, but you can’t use it to judge success or potential successes.

What to Consider
If the people to your left are aggressive and are prone to a 3-bet, you’re going to have to play a little more conservatively. However, you should be looking to see more flops if the people to your left are prone to folding or calling but don’t raise the stakes. Also, if people are folding when they miss a flop or don’t hit anything this time around, you should be prepared to bet because you’ll see more flops and should take full advantage of any opportunity to bluff.

poker card

You shouldn’t just focus on the percentage of flops seen in a game, but rather focus on the percentage of hands played and the players you play against. It’s possible to develop an algorithm with this system, and it can help you learn about your style of play. It’s worth a shot.

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