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What is Blockchain Poker?
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What is Blockchain Poker?

Date Published: 18th September 2019
Author: Linwood William
Poker is becoming increasingly popular to similar heights of the 2000s, especially in the online front of it. And with the rise, a new technology that has been implemented in online Poker game play is Blockchain Technology. Actually many new technologies are being implemented as there is always an issue of safety and security with online Poker, some tend to be useful, while some make the system even more vulnerable to attacks.

blockchain poker-online

What is Blockchain Poker
Blockchain Poker is also the same game of Poker in terms of play, however, it tries to implement the revolutionary blockchain technology in Poker play as well, with an aim to address the key problems in online Poker gaming industry. We all know that Poker involves a binder, which is a shared ledger of the token records, for each player in a game. When the game is played over multiple times, among the same people, the binder gets many pages. Now you can consider each page in this binder to be a block, and the relationship between each block on each player’s binder, becomes a kind of blockchain in Poker, where the players play with digital currencies, that is, blockchain.

online blockchain-poker

Pitfalls of Blockchain Poker
Considering the implementation of blockchain in Poker, it has been observed that there are more negatives than the positives. While the positives means that in a fair system, the system operates automatically, but take a look at the following negatives:

• The technology has to be implemented upon advanced computers and servers, and this makes it easier for platform providers, to shut down everything and take away all the generated money.

• Blockchain is already facing many attacks and exposures to loopholes, wherein advanced users can easily manipulate the system to their own advantage. Now with a game of Poker, that becomes even easier.

• It is usually not possible to identify links in a blockchain, even if it is just traded over a crypto exchange, and when it comes to online poker play with blockchain, it is really impossible to track down the mischief makers because there is no one watching for collusion.

• Blockchain technology adds more complexity and versatility to the Poker game currently, in terms of the players involved, that gives more room for potential issues.

• Another indirect disadvantage of playing Poker with Blockchain, is that people tend to not see it as a currency, and therefore, they keep on investing more and more money (blockchain tokens) into the game even if they are losing continuously. It has been seen that if people are required to actually make credit card deposits, or physical deposits, they tend to hesitate a bit, which is always good. Please check out if you are looking for help.

poker blockchain

Adoption of Blockchain Poker
Game developers and players are trying to collaborate more and more with crypto experts, to come up with the best possible ways of integrating blockchain in Poker. Hopefully, as the niche of crypto is advancing, new measures would be invented to make it safe and secure from a financial transaction point of view, and Poker in turn. Smart contracts allowing you to control your own wallets would probably become easier to manage one day, and one day we might be able to say, Blockchain Poker is a great game play, but for now it is still a long way from being the right way to go with online poker.

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