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Chip Dumping
What is Chip Dumping?
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What is Chip Dumping?

Date Published: 12th May 2019
Chip dumping is a serious matter for any poker company, such as ourselves, when offering free promotions designed to entice users to use our platform. We have a team dedicated to spotting suspicious users who engage in chip dumping, with the sole purpose of defrauding our rewards system. As you will be aware we offer free bitcoin on sign up, this is designed to attract users, give them a taste of competitive poker, and if all goes well, present them with reward at level 20 in the form of their free bitcoin. Its by no means an easy task and is designed as a loss leader for us a Real Poker to attract users in what is a competitive industry.

Some users, only a small fraction, do engage in chip dumping schemes that they self-administer or do in groups in an attempt to defraud us. We have early detection systems and track a lot of user data points to determine and identify chip dumpers (or colluding players), and then a member of our fraud team will under take the case, let the user resume for a period to gather more evidence, and then eventually ban the users from the platform, with no recourse for return. As part of our program we currently do not let the chip dumpers and colluders proceed for long, that point being once they effect other players experience or stacks. Sometimes we are faster to identify those colluding players, sometimes longer, but in every case where we ban a user for terms violations there is a undeniable case for it.

banned for-chip-dumping

To be clear about our companies terms and conditions regarding chip dumping, you can read the full terms by clicking here, chip dumping relates to condition 7.8

7.8. CHIP-DUMPING. Chip-dumping occurs when any User intentionally loses a hand in order to deliberately transfer his chips to another User. Any User who participates or attempts to participate in chip-dumping with any other User, including being the recipient of funds, while using the Service may be permanently banned from using the Service and their account may be terminated immediately. In such circumstances Real Poker will be under no obligation to refund to you any monies that may be in your Real Poker account at such time.

The reasons for chip dumping are varied, some of the reasons we have to protect against it is to make sure we are still a financially viable outfit, there is no two ways about it, chip dumping is fraudulent and intended to give players unfair advantages. We won't list the ideas here as we don't want to give potential criminals ideas, but a simple search reveals a lot about the users intent with chip dumping and why we work hard to stamp it out.

Please note, that we only allow one account per household, you can learn more about that by clicking here.

chip dumping-colluding

We attempt to provide a fair playing platform for all users, and our offers are based on trust that users will execute and adhere to the terms and conditions that we set out, when this trust is broken it puts your account at risk of expulsion, and any other accounts you make will be banned once discovered affiliation occurs to the banned accounts.

This article is intended to be clear about how seriously we take chip dumping on Real Poker, and that we will not stand for it and actively place human resources into monitoring behaviors so as to catch users who are actively ruining the gaming experience of those around them.

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