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What is the best way to play the early position in Bitcoin poker?
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What is the best way to play the early position in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 22nd November 2019
Having trouble in early position during your bitcoin poker sessions online at Do not fret, playing the early position is troublesome and difficult, but here is the best way to play the early position when faced with this, continue reading, and you could achieve more online bitcoin poker success.

bitcoin poker-early-position

What Is Early Position in Bitcoin Poker
When playing bitcoin poker at you’ll want to stick to a poker game strategy and play tactically to enjoy the most out of your poker sessions. This means having a bluff strategy, playing smart from position, and sweeping through the competition so you can earn more easy bitcoin online.

One of the first things to understand in poker is position. It is important to create a strategy specific to which position you are in. Position in poker refers to where you are sitting and which turn you are. If for example you are the last to act, you are in late position, the most advantageous position. The early position on the other hand, is the first to act, and is also the most difficult. As you are last to act, you have no information on your opponents cards.

Who Plays Early Position in Bitcoin Poker
The early position player before the flop, is seated to the left of the big blind, and after the flop, is the first player to act. Most of the time in bitcoin poker the first to act and early position player on the flop is also the small blind, because the big and small blinds rarely fold pre-flop.

early position-bitcoin-poker

How to Play Early Position in Bitcoin Poker
When you play from early position, you need to be greedy and basically play premium cards only. Even strong hands like JQ can have you beat from early position, so hold out for AA, KK or AK before any type of calling or raising pre-flop. If you are disciplined from early position, you can win hands, but be ready to fold most of the time. Another tip is, if you want to make the most profit, raise or check-raise on the flop from early position, aggressive players will raise you if you check on the flop.

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