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What is the best way to play the middle position in Bitcoin poker?
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What is the best way to play the middle position in Bitcoin poker?

Date Published: 23rd November 2019
Author: Andrew Harmon
Bitcoin poker at is flooded with players here to enjoy fun online poker for bitcoin winnings. Bitcoin poker allows players to gamble and win real bitcoin, and the site makes everything convenient and easy to join. When playing, stick to a poker game strategy and play strategically to enjoy more poker session success and take home more bitcoin.

poker middle-positions

How to Play Position in Bitcoin Poker
The first thing to understand in is position in poker. Devising a strategy specific to which position you are in will greatly help your game. Position in poker has to do with where you are sitting and which turn you are in the betting rounds. If you are on the button, or are the dealer, you are in late position. You will be last to act and therefore are in an advantageous position.

If you are small blind, you are in early position, as you will be the first to act. Playing middle position is tricky because the players to your left will keep you hesitating, while the players to your right in early position will limp and bluff. How should you play in the middle position?

middle position-poker

How to Play Middle Position in Bitcoin Poker
If you are stuck with middle position strategy, here’s what you should do. When you are in middle position, you have position over some opponents, like the small blind, big blind, and possibly a third player to your right, but the rest of the players at the table have position on you. Luckily, it is easier to play from the middle or late position in poker. Early position players will typically limp in, while late position players will take advantage of their flexibility to decide. When in middle position, you should stick to a small raise on the flop, and you will see more bitcoin poker success. Whether or not you hit anything on the flop, the intention of the raise is to encourage the players to your right to reveal their hand. If they have strong cards, they will call or re-raise, but if they have weak cards, they will fold. This small raise can more often than not encourage the early position players to fold, especially if there was no raise pre-flop.

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