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What is The Sheriff in Bitcoin Poker?
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Bitcoin Poker

What is The Sheriff in Bitcoin Poker?

Date Published: 1st February 2020
Author: Matt Clarke

When playing bitcoin poker, look out for The Sheriff. This is the type of player that wants to call your bluff. The poker Sheriff is a player type that likes to police the other players, and not allow nonsense. If you are thinking about bluffing your friend in bitcoin poker, and he wants to play sheriff, he may just call your bluff. 

Poker Sheriff

Bitcoin Poker Players Love to Call

In bitcoin poker games, especially in which is the number one website for bitcoin poker, we see a lot of this type of player at the poker tables. Passive players in bitcoin poker love to call to stay in a pot, and like to gamble hoping only to hit something on the river to save the day. They will usually continue to call and call as long as they already have chips in a pot, even if they have low likelihood cards or are calling off of the big blind position. Many times bitcoin poker players limp into pots and call to not lose the hand. The sheriff in bitcoin poker is not necessarily to be feared. As he calls all the time, you can sometimes use this to your advantage. If you are a skilled or knowledgeable poker player, you can target these types of players to increase your poker profits. 

Sheriff Poker

How to Beat The Sheriff

In order to beat the sheriff, if you’ve identified a Sheriff at a poker table, try to exchange with him in as many pots as possible. Passive players can be perplexing and frustrating to play against because sometimes they win pots with unusual hands, but remember, they don’t play premium hands often and when they do they will usually raise. The way to beat them is to value bet as often as you can. With premium cards, value bet and predictably they will call. Continuation bets and lots of value bets will help you win the Sheriff’s purse.

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