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Poker Psychology
What psychological skills do you need for more Bitcoin poker success?
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Bitcoin Poker

What psychological skills do you need for more Bitcoin poker success?

Date Published: 26th January 2020
Author: Matt Clarke

Poker in general sees a lot of psychological warfare among its players. If you’ve ever watched a movie where poker is involved, you’ll notice the squinting eyes, the peculiar fidgety behavior of the players, and the famous line: “All In.” 

Poker and bitcoin poker included, is a psychological game. In bitcoin poker, we can still play mind games with opponents. Therefore, to play the game better and for more bitcoin poker success, refine also your psychological skills. 

Poker Psychology

Reading Other Bitcoin Poker Players

One thing in poker that can help you with more success is reading other players. An ability to read, or predict what the other players’ cards are is great for winning bitcoin poker hands. Based on their position, their bet sizing, and other factors, the game can give us hints as to what their cards are. If the other player is generally very conservative, and hasn’t shown signs of bluffing in the past for example, we can assume the bet is real and that player is holding premium cards. But not every player is the same, and understanding how the other player thinks in bitcoin poker is challenging. With a bit of psychology, you can read deeper into their actions. The best players like Daniel Negreneau are excellent at reading other poker players. When you’re able to read other players cards, you will be able to make better decisions and find more bitcoin poker success. 

Lie to Other Bitcoin Poker Players

Another part of poker is bluffing your hand. For more experienced poker players, a large part of their poker profits comes from bluffing. Aside from reading other players, you need to be able to get into their head and give them misreads. They should feel as though they are reading you, and will play re-actively based on your behaviors. If you are able to make them fear your cards, or convince other players you are on a hot streak, you may be able to lie to other bitcoin poker players and squeeze some bluffs in, or induce some folds, greatly increasing your bitcoin winnings from poker. 

Bitcoin Poker Psychology

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