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What ROI can you make when playing poker?
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What ROI can you make when playing poker?

Date Published: 16th May 2020
Author: Linwood William
The proper mentality for playing the poker game is to be completely comfortable and open to everything that happens at the table. You are not meant to try to memorize, or count how many times someone blinks when they have a good hand against a bad one, you are only feeding a fresh sensory input to your seemingly asleep brain. All these information is new and fresh for you to process, therefore, when you sit at the table you must know the right things to choose including the ROI.

Firstly, you need to understand what ROI mean and the role it plays in the poker game. Return on Investment abbreviated ROI, is a measure of a player’s ability at a given game. An ROI that is negative means the player is definitely going to lose money over time. Meanwhile a Zero ROI means the player neither gains nor lose money; on the other hand, a Positive ROI means the player wins more money over time, and this is every player’s goal.

What ROI can you make when Playing Poker?

To make money at poker, you must find the winning key (finding a game you can exploit) and take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and minimize your own. This is true if you’re playing as a person, or a bot is playing for you. Let’s get back to the main point of the topic, which is knowing which ROI to make when playing poker.

Professional poker players define success in terms of how much money they make; therefore, to make that much money or have more wins you must carefully choose you ROI. Before we proceed, it is important to know what your poker ROI is, but the only problem is that many beginning players are not exactly sure how to calculate their return on investment. That said, let’s take a look at the formula for measuring ROI in SNGs and MTTs. Tournament winnings – tournament buy-ins / Tournament buy-ins x 100 = ROI %.

Professional poker players define success in

Now that we have covered the ROI formula, it is time we looked at an example. To start, let’s assume that you play 200 SNG’s with a 5 dollar 50 cents buy-in ($1, 100 total buy-ins), and make $1, 250 in total as profit. The formula for that would look just like this ($1, 250 to $1, 100) / $1, 100 x 100 = 13.6% ROI. That is obviously a positive ROI no matter what stakes you play. To put this into number form, you would basically earn up to 75 cents profit for every 5 dollar 50 cents SNG you play.

Furthermore, it is proposed that 200 tournaments are not near enough a sample size that determines whether you are a truly successful player or not. After all, offline or online poker is full of ups and downs, meanwhile, these swings can last for hundreds of tourneys. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to keeping track of your ROI because it is a very useful tool along the way. Most importantly, do not become too relaxed or stop studying the strategy just because you initially start off with a good ROI.

Furthermore, it is proposed that 200

ROI is a very critical concept for poker tournament players to understand. It shows you how much cash you’re earning back based on the amount you have invested in buy ins. To be precise, the best ROI to choose should be around 15%.

Moving along, some people worry about multi tabling because they know it’s likely to have an adverse effect on their profit rate. For example, if you go from playing one table to playing 4 poker tables, your ROI could drop from 15% to 8%. Now this might sound like a significant drop, but it’s actually a good thing while we’d all like to have a pretty ROI, the most important thing to focus on is your overall profits. Using the previous example where your ROI drops from 15% to 8%, let’s say that multi tabling four tables helps you go from playing two MTT’s daily to playing eight MTT’s daily.

With the situation where you’re only playing two MTT’s, you’d be earning $3 per day (20 x 0.15). Looking at the eight MTT’s per day, you’d be making $6 plus in profit per day. Taking this further, you’re making over twice as much each day by multi-tabling four tournaments, as opposed to playing just one. Like you read before, playing more than one table at a time can turn into a lot more profit, however, it is important to understand how multi tabling too many tables can hurt both your interest and ROI.

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