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What you must know before you become a Poker player
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What you must know before you become a Poker player

Date Published: 20th October 2020
Author: Leslie Stafford
Poker is a card game played with a complete deck (52 cards) of cards. Players bet against each other depending on the value of the cards they have that is their poker hand. Bets are usually made with plastic discs called chips that are swapped for money at the end of the game. There are different types of poker for example draw poker, stud poker, community poker etc. Each type of poker has a distinct set of rules though basic play is generally the same. Poker is a gambling game that requires skill to play though a certain amount of luck is also necessary.

While playing poker helps to improve your concentration skills, sense of coordination, ability to mask your emotions and finances if you win, there are several disadvantages of playing it. These disadvantages must be weighed seriously with the advantages before going into it. Below are some of the disadvantages or simply put, why poker is bad for you:

1. It is an addictive game

What you must know before you become a Poker player

The high you get when you win, the adrenaline while playing, the total emotional control required and even the competitive nature of the game all join together to make the game irresistible. Soon you are playing just one more game then another until you find yourself completely immersed in it. Once you are addicted, you take risks that are dangerous to your finances and your job. You justify it with the believe that you bet big to win big. Having a strong sense of self discipline can help resist its temptation and help you play games casually without it becoming an addiction. A more effective way to resist it becoming an addiction though is to simply not play poker.

2. It can lead to depression

While some might testify that the intense focus required to play the game distracts from their depression, the desolate feeling once you lose can lead to or increase depression. Like all games, you cannot win all the time, as a gambling game the odds of losing to winning is generally high for novice players and average for more established players. While you might win once in a while having a losing streak once in a while is almost inevitable. This could lead to depression as you become greatly upset about the loss of the game, finances and probable humiliation by other players. All this happening over time can lead to depression and a sense of worthlessness that even winning might not cure.

While some might testify that the

3. You lose sleep

While poker is also played in the day especially online, it is generally played at night. The game can go on for long hours especially if there is a general consensus to play another round again continuously probably as an effort to win back money. This could end up taking the whole night and therefore reduce your sleeping time. You end up feeling tired when you wake up eventually and not be at the top of your game through out the day. Continuous loss of sleep is hazardous to your health and can lead to many health problems and even death.

4. You spend too much time on a sit

Poker is a game played with the players on their sit, as a game can go on for long hours, you can end up spending hours sitting on one spot. Without proper exercise after the game, this can lead to back or neck pain and pain in some of the joints and muscles. Not getting enough exercise because you spend a lot of time sitting can also lead to obesity and a lot of health problems.


5. Increased heart beats without exercising

Playing porker provides an adrenaline rush that could increase the rate of your heart beat. Continuous play can lead to continuous increase in the rate of your heart beat which is dangerous if it occurs without exercise or movements. It leads to heart attacks and other health problems in the long run.

6. Staring at a screen for a long time can affect your eyesight

Considering the fact that a poker game with good players goes on for long, you end up staring at your screen for a long period of time when playing online. Continuous staring at a screen often lead to poor eye sight.

Poker is a gambling game that is interesting and also addictive. Someone with an addictive personality should definitely avoid it as it causes more harm than good. Before you become a poker player, you must understand the positive and negative aspects of it, you must also weigh the risks and decide if its worth playing.

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