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When should you try high stakes in BTC poker?
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When should you try high stakes in BTC poker?

Date Published: 21st June 2019
Bitcoin, similarly to many other cryptocurrencies, has become advantageous enough to be added as a payment method in numerous domains, including poker. As you can also make profit from it (from arbitrage, for instance), most poker players nowadays prefer using cryptocurrencies rather than fiat money. However, when is it safe for someone to try high stakes in BTC poker?

bitcoin poker-stakes

First of all, you need a bankroll that allows you to make this decision. You have to determine how many Bitcoins you have available for poker, and how easy it is for you to get them back from the game. If your winnings exceed your losses, you have to see by how much. Statistics are essential in deciding whether or not you’re ready for higher stakes, so you have to be patient enough to calculate them.

Confidence is also a key factor in determining this – when a player feels insecure about raising the stakes, this is usually because he isn’t yet able to play the game properly, even if it’s because he lacks certain skills or because he hasn’t adapted to all of the rules. However, when someone is eager to do so, they have usually gained enough experience. There are people who have stunning budgets for poker, but don’t play it very well, so your available BTC isn’t the only thing you should consider.

crypto poker-stakes

If you feel like at least one of the conditions above is met, you can always try to test the waters. Play a poker game with higher stakes and see how you manage – after all, you can make a final decision easier when you have an experience that you can refer to as well.

And don’t forget – don’t make any drastic changes from the get-go; if you want to be successful, take it easy.

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